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I love Frankincense. It is one of my favorite oils, and has numerous benefits. Since starting using essential oils, I have used Frankincense internally and tropically on a regular basis. Just recently I’ve starting adding it to my diffuser. Why???

Here are just a few benefits of diffusing Frankincense:

  • feelings of peace and relaxation
  • overall wellness (boosts immune system)
  • rejuvenates
  • helps clear up congestions
  • some research says in can help you retain and use information better

Now Frankincense is not an inexpensive oil, so I don’t want to just put in five drops in my diffuser every time I want these benefits.

So what oils can I combine them with???

Glad you asked!!

Here are three recipes that my family has enjoyed!

Anti-bacteria (Ready to rid your home of some germs????)

3 drops of Melaleuca

2 drops of  Geranium

1 drop of Frankincense

Take a Break (Try this when you need to relax or diffuse in your bedroom for a better nights sleep)

2 drops of Serenity

2 drops of marjoram

1 drop of Frankincense

Let’s Get Moving!! (Try diffusing this on those days when there is a lot to do, and you just don’t want to get moving)

1 drop of Frankincense

3 drops of Sweet Orange

2 drops of Grapefruit

Enjoy you some of the benefits of Frankincense with the pleasant aroma of these other oils!! I would love to hear how they worked for you!!

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