I’m so excited about this next game that allows students to explore fractions, number lines, and multiplying even more.

At this point, you have hopefully completed two interactive notebooks in regard to multiplying fractions on a number line.

Step by Step instructions to multiplying fractions on a number line

fraction number line

Practice drawing a number line and solving with an algorithm

interactive notebook whole by fraction

Now it is time to get a little more practice in.

To prepare for the game…

  •  Glue two number lines on the outside of a pocket folder.
  • Cut out the game pieces. Cut on the solid line, and fold on the dotted line. I would recommend that you also glue them so they don’t open.
  • Glue or place the instructions inside the pocket folder, with a copy of 2 number lines in sheet protectors. This allows the students to solve the problems on a number line, and not have to use the game board to so their work.
  • Place an envelope with the game pieces and 6 game markers in a pocket of the pocket folder.

And the fun part…. time to teach the game to your students.

I almost always recommend teaching a game in a small group. You could also teach it in a large group, but then have students play the game in a small group with adult supervision.

The number lines are blank except for whole numbers. This was done on purpose. I wanted my students to use their knowledge of fraction to figure out which number line to use.

Depending on your students, you can address this in different ways. You could play the game with another student and just model your thinking out loud while the class watches.

“Oh, I notice that I need to multiply by 1/2. When I’m looking at the number lines I see that each whole number is divided into 2 equal groups. I think I will use this one to solve my problem.”

Oh, dear. I need to multiply by 1/2 but I’ve already reached four on the number line where the whole numbers were divided into 2 equal groups. Hmmmmmm, I don’t want to lose my turn so maybe I can use the number line divided into 6ths. I know that 3/6ths equals 1/2, so I can move up my number line in 3/6th intervals instead of halves.”

If your students struggle, you could give them each a copy of the number lines and have them actually fill in the correct fractions under each increment. They can then keep their sheet as a “cheat sheet” to help them while they play the game.

Once you address the number lines, explain the rules of the game (on the free printable) and you are ready to go.

Make sure they understand that can use the extra number lines to solve the problem, and the ones glued down as the game board.


I would also stress the importance of the partner checking the answer. If they get the answer wrong they do not get to move on that turn. Every problem should be checked by the partner, and obviously, the person completing the problem should not be “cheating” by looking at the answer.

Can’t wait to hear how your students like the game.

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