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Three Recipes for Diffusing Frankincense

  I love Frankincense. It is one of my favorite oils, and has numerous benefits. Since starting using essential oils, I have used Frankincense internally and tropically on a regular basis. Just recently I’ve starting adding it to my diffuser. Why??? Here are just a few...
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What’s Better Than Oils for Stress????

I found this e-mail in my inbox the other day, and had to smile at the reference to essential oils. Dr. David Jeremiah wrote… Last year, a Gallup poll found large numbers of Americans in the grip of worry, and a simultaneous study by the...
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Bug Repellent that is Safe for Children…DEET free!!!

We are loving it. Finally we are heading outside on regular basis. Riding bikes, throwing frisbees, exploring creeks, swinging, climbing, and sliding down slides have become the recent activities in this household. My three rambunctious boys and their little sister are so excited to leave the...
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