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It’s that time of year. The wonderful time when the warm sun beckons us out of our homes, and entices us to enjoy its rays. The trees slowly begin to fill up their bare branches with leaves, and flowers poke their heads out of the cold barren ground. We begin to shed our heavy winter sweaters, scarfs, and boots for sundresses, shorts, and flip flops. As exciting as spring is, that change in wardrobe may also signify a need to change our winter eating habits.

So if you are ready to make some changes, and I definitely need too, this might be the perfect solution for you.


Terrafit is an online competition where you earn points for taking Life Long Vitality (this is recent online class about the health benefits you can receive from taking LLV), exercising, and eating veggies. You can also lose points for eating those tempting cupcakes, brownies, and cookies.

The challenge only last for 90 days, and costs 25 dollars to join. This money goes into a pool that will be awarded to the top group and top three individuals.

There is a session starting this month, and the deadline to register is May 11, 2015. (Sessions start up regularly. If you are reading this after May 11th, contact me and I will tell you when then next session starts!!) We are working right now to get a team together!

If you are ready to see a major transformation in your body, time is running out!! Click HERE to check out the rules, and then contact me so you can join the May competition.

You can be ready to rock those summer clothes, because You’ve Got This with Terrafit.

Contact me for information on how to purchase. Due to FDA regulations we are no longer able to share our company name on a blog, or provide links to our site. I can and will provide these for you if you send me an e-mail!! 

Thinking about getting more than one or two…please ask me how to get a 25% discount. I can also tell you what specials my company has this month and what my incentives are if you choose to enroll.

Have a ton of questions. Let’s set up a phone conference and talk. No pressure, I’m just here to help you make an informed decision about taking control of your health.

Want to learn more about essential oils? Check out this book. It lists the uses of each oil, or you can look up your area of concern for a list of oils to use.