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We are loving it. Finally we are heading outside on regular basis. Riding bikes, throwing frisbees, exploring creeks, swinging, climbing, and sliding down slides have become the recent activities in this household.


My three rambunctious boys and their little sister are so excited to leave the confines of the house and once again explore the great outdoors. As long as they are outside, they are happy, and that is where I want time to be. I love them outside. Love the energy they expel while they romp around the yard, parks, or woods at my parent’s home.


As we venture out of the house, unfortunately we are back to dealing with sunburns and bug bites. Yes, there are so many choices out there, but I hate rubbing all those chemicals into their little bodies.  This year though, there are options. I’m so excited to be able to make my own sunscreen (recipe coming soon) and have an essential oil as a bug repellent.

Terrashield has recently become one of my favorite oils. It is a blend of 15 essential oils that repeal those pesky little creatures that buzz around us, and leave large red welts on two of my little ones.  I absolutely love this because, number one IT WORKS!!! Number two, it doesn’t have any chemicals in it, especially DEET. Bahie Abou –Donia of the Duke University Medical Center said this about DEET. “DEET is a good chemical for protection against insects, but prolonged exposure results in neurological damage, and this is enhanced by other chemicals and medications.”

How can I use Terrashield so I’m not exposing my little ones to DEET or tons of bug bites??

At the beginning of the season, I could just rub a drop or two on ankles, wrists, and the neck and we were all good to go. But as the days have become warmer, the mosquitoes have taken over our backyard once again. We are having to step it up a little more.

Here are a few different option to help prevent being bit…

  • Put Terrashield in an empty spray bottle and spray on exposed skin.
  • Fill up a roller ball bottle with it and rub on any exposed skin.
  • Diffuse in the area you are playing or picnicking.
  • Add it to your skin lotion and apply.
  • Add Purify to your roller ball or spray bottle to also repel ticks.

If you are ready to tackle the great outdoors without coming in all itchy, get you some Terrashield here.


You’ve Got This with Terrashield.

Contact me for information on how to purchase. Due to FDA regulations we are no longer able to share our company name on a blog, or provide links to our site. I can and will provide these for you if you send me an e-mail!! 

Thinking about getting more than one or two…please ask me how to get a 25% discount. I can also tell you what specials my company has this month and what my incentives are if you choose to enroll.

Have a ton of questions. Let’s set up a phone conference and talk. No pressure, I’m just here to help you make an informed decision about taking control of your health.

Want to learn more about essential oils? Check out this book. It lists the uses of each oil, or you can look up your area of concern for a list of oils to use.