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coin calendar pieces

Life has been crazy lately with a vacation, wedding, and then trying to get back into our regular routine. One of those is routines is a daily calendar time.

Both boys love it, and enjoy predicting what the new date will show.

This month we are continuing our study of coins, and I wanted them to see it daily in our calendar. One pattern is a little harder, and causes my oldest to have to really think about what the new day will hold, especially when we are trying to figure out Monday without the help of Saturday and Sunday.

The coin pattern is heads quarter, nickel, dime, dime and then tails quarter, nickel, dime, dime. I wanted the kiddos to recognize the coins, but I also wanted to reinforce their value. Each day we add the value of the coin to the previous total. For example, the first day is a quarter. I wrote $0.25 on the plastic part of the calendar. The next day was a nickel, so we wrote $0.30 on the calendar.

After a few days, I had them predict what the total would be at the end of the month. Trust me when I say we needed to revise our predictions halfway through the month, and even now as the last few days are here.

I also created an AB pattern using colors for my youngest. He is quickly recognizing this pattern, and enjoys the joy of a successful prediction.

I had to add one other pattern for N, and since He is really into “skip counting” right now I decided to change the color of the numbers on the multiples of three. He has had a blast figuring out which will be the next number that is blue.

Want to give it a try? Get it HERE.

Let me know how it works for you. And remember You’ve Got This.

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