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PicMonkey CollageI’m sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee while my kids dance around me. It may not look like we have started our school day, but we have.


We have found five you tube channels that we love to visit. They all have fun, upbeat skip counting songs. My five year old, who loves math, has thrived on this. He will randomly say things like, “Hey mom, there are 110 chairs in this room. There are five in each row and 22 rows. If I count by 5, 22 times you get 110.”

Why can he do this?

Number one, God has gifted him with a mathematical brain.

Number 2, we have been singing skip counting songs for awhile now. Though he may not realize he is multiplying, we are beginning to build that foundation through singing.

Even my four year old, who is much more interested in Batman than anything learning related, is beginning to show signs that the songs are sticking with him.

My two year old twins join in with us daily. Obviously they aren’t communicating their math knowledge, but I’m hoping that the songs will begin developing connections in their brains too. Plus it is fun to see them try to do some of the motions with their adorable arms.


So where can you go to start building connections in your students brain’s?

Jack Hartmann

I absolutely love this guy. He combines exercise with counting. Our favorite song is his “Count to 100” song. A new exercise is introduced after counting 10 numbers. All my little ones get into his videos.

Silly School Songs

A lot of time I will allow my kiddos to pick which video they want to watch. These skip counting songs are simple with colorful backgrounds, but I can count on one of them being picked each morning.


Have Fun Teaching

This is another one of my favorites. Each song is animated, and encourages motion. You will find you and your students getting up and getting down, sliding to the left, sliding to the right, and waving your hands in the air. They are awesome skip counting songs for getting the wiggles out.


Mr. R’s Songs

This is another one that is very simple, but my children enjoy. They pop up when I type in something like count by 4, but it is hard to find what I want on his channel.

School House Rock

I, of course, could not leave this one out. I still enjoy these old skip counting songs, and though they are not necessarily my children’s favorite I will add them in occasionally. They tend to watch them more than participate, but that is fine. I love the concepts taught!

So grab your coffee, or get your groove on and sing these fun skip counting songs.

You’ve Got This

Need more skip counting activities. Check out this fun, no-prep game.


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