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I want to quickly share another resource you can use for teaching multiplying fractions on a number line.

This is a different type of interactive notebook, where you create a number line using step by step directions that are already prewritten and pasted into their math journals. I highly suggest that every child in your classroom has a math journal with grid paper already in it. This is invaluable as they build arrays, number lines, ect.  It keeps their work neat, but also encourages a deeper understanding of math as they line numbers and models up and make their arrays and number lines work on the grid paper.

Another tip for making math journals easy is having all their supplies in one spot where they can just grab their pencil holder and math journal and be ready to go. I highly suggest having glue sticks, scissors, colored pencils, and a regular pencil in the pencil holder at all times. This makes doing interactive notebooks during your math time a little less complicated. Everyone is not running around trying to gather up what they need for the days assignments.

What I love about this printable, is all the instructions are on the page and glued into their notebook. If the are stuck on a problem at home or during independent work, they can look back and see exactly how to do it.

This of course takes training, and a great Table of Contents at the front of each journal. If a student is asking for help, instead of just sitting down and working it through with him/her, have them use the table of contents to find the page they need. Then have them read through the step by step instructions and do it with their current problem.

We’ve also found that parents love this. With many of the math strategies being new, our parents loved having the step by step process right in front of them. Homeschooling parents can help their child be more independent and learn new strategies without a ton of research on their part.

Want more info on how an interactive notebook is set up, check out these great posts.

Anyway, this interactive notebook is easy. Cut out the notes, glue it into the notebook, and work through it with your students. I would even recommend doing this is in small groups. After you complete this, then check out Multiplying Fractions by a Whole Number on a Number Line as a way for students to get more practice.

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