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We are struggling with counting money. I felt like we had it, so I let is sit for awhile. Then during a review the other day I could tell he was struggling.

So we are having a review week, with tons of coin activities!!!

We have played coin bingo, just to make sure we remembered what each coin was worth.


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We have created coin animals and figured out what it cost to build each animal, which animal cost the most to build, least to build, ect.


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Then there was the game the we loved from The Measured Mom that reinforced recognizing coins. I added a twist by having him figure out the value of what he was giving or receiving.


From The Measured Mom


We also pulled out  Coin Race where you roll the die with coins on it, and then move up a hundreds chart in relation to the value of the coin.


I wanted to do one more activity with him, so I decided to create Mystery Boxes for him to solve.

The concept is simple. There are four boxes with coins in them. Above it are three clues describing the secret Mystery Box. The child has to read through the clues and eliminate boxes that do not fit the description of the Mystery Box. Since there are 4 boxes for each Mystery and four Mysteries, the child will end up figuring the value of 16 moxes filled with coins. If I had given my child 16 boxes of coins and asked him to figure out the value of each box, he would not be thrilled. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be thrilled about completing that task either.  Throw in words like mystery and secret, and he was ready to get started.

As I mentioned before, there are four mysteries to solve, and each of them starts with a clue about the value of the mystery box.

Score!!! My little one sat there and figured out the value of each box so he could figure out which box to cross off the list. Each time he found the ONE to cross off, he was so excited.

The other two clues are easier. They may say that the box has or does not have a certain coin. Another clue mentions the repetition of coins in a box.

The only thing I really had to help him with was when a clue had the wording my box does not have. It is a little confusing to  kindergartener to read a clue about NOT having something, have to find the box that DOES HAVE it, and then CROSS IT OFF because it can not be the Mystery box. By the last one though, he was getting the hang of it.

So if you have a little one that needs a little more help with counting money, I hope they enjoy these mystery boxes as much as we did.

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