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This week I’ve been working on another set of clip cards. These are always a big hit in our home, and since we are about finished with introducing fractions unit, it is a great “assessment”.

I definitely would not use these clip cards as a way of teaching fractions. There are so many great ideas for teaching fractions to kids in a hands on, engaging way. I would highly recommend trying out a few of these ideas listed below first, and then use the clip cards as a fraction review or even a fraction assessment. Clip cards sure beat a pencil and paper test, but can clearly show whether or not our little ones understand fractions.

If you are looking for few ideas to help your kiddos learn fractions, try out a few of these. Everyone will have fun, and be learning too!!!

  1. Teaching Fractions with Food

Five great foods to introduce fractions and equivalent fractions. Free printable included.:

    • Children learn best when they can relate a math concept to what they already know. Food is apart of every kids life, and most children have had to share their food at some point. Accessing this background knowledge is an awesome way to begin teaching fractions.

2. Fractions for Kids Interactive BookPicMonkey Collage

  • This easy printable book requires little ones to cut and paste fractions and models onto this free printable.  The book is written in simple easy terms that explain fractions. Blanks throughout the book allow children to glue in models and fractions to finish this easy, informational book.

LEGO Fractions by Creekside Learning

  • Most children LOVE legos. So why not incorporate it into learning. This is an awesome post on how to “play” with LEGOs fractions.

How to Teach Fractions by the Measured Mom

  • This post has awesome ideas on using PEG + Cat: The Pizza Problem to introduce fractions. This is very engaging and focuses on equal and unequal parts…..such an important part of fractions.

Books About Fractions by Edventures with Kids

  • Even math time deserves a good read a loud. This post has a list of great math books perfect for learning more about fractions!! I love that she recommends The Lion’s Share. What a great book to get those little kiddos thinking.

Once you have had fun teaching fractions and reading about fractions grab your clips and you are ready to see all that your children have learned.

Still need a little more practice on recognizing fractions. Get a CUT AND PASTE activity


Get Clip Cards for Number lines and Fractions HERE (TpT Store)PicMonkey Collage32

or get clip cards for Equivalent Fraction HERE (TpT Store)

PicMonkey Collage31


Get your FREE clip cards HERE.


Or get 7 Activites and Games (with equivalent fraction clip cards) designed to help you teach equivalent fractions and allow your students fun, hands – on practice.

This packet contains

  1. clip cards
  2. interactive notebook
  3. 3 games
  4. cut and paste fraction book
  5. activity for teaching fractions with food
  6. task cards using pattern blocks

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    These are great! I’m going to download them to use with my daughter since she’ll dive further into fractions next year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. rachelpeabody@yahoo.com says:

      Thank you. I hope you guys enjoy them!!!

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