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Practice getting to 10 with this free interactive Easter book. Children count objects, draw what they need to get to 10, and then create an equation.



The free printable can be found at the END of this post. Click on the blue “get your free printable here” button.


LOts of kiddos.

The thrill of bouncing high in the sky.

Searching through the grass for bright colored plastic eggs filled with delicious goodies.

Yep, it is an Easter Egg Hunt and tomorrow morning my kiddos and I will be enjoying this Easter tradition.

We are also bringing the fun into our math time as I review getting to 10 again with my five year old.

Interactive Getting to 10 Book

Knowing all the addition facts that equal 10 is an important skill. We are constantly reviewing this skill, as I want my five-year-old to be able to spout these off by memory. No finger use for these facts. This interactive getting to 10 book was just another way I could refresh his memory!!

Prep – Work

The prep work for this book requires very little.


  1. Print out book
  2. Cut out the pages of the book and staple it together
  3. Gather up crayons and pencils and you are ready to go

Using Easter Getting to 10 Interactive Book

The idea is very simple and involves a little bit of coloring and drawing which makes my five year old incredibly happy.

Each page contains pictures of an Easter object. To complete the page the children…

  • Count the objects
  • Draw the same object until there are 10 objects.

  • Fill in the blanks with what they started with and what they added

  • Create an Equation

As simple as this is, it gives young children the chance to practice all the ways to get to 10. I hope your kiddos enjoy this as much as my guy did!!!

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