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Lattice Multiplication is a method of multiplying that uses a grid. It helps children master large digit multiplication by keeping all the numbers organized.

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Lattice multiplication….my one and only reason for liking it is I’ve seen children that haven’t been successful with any other method take off with this one.

It in no way, shape or form builds number sense.

Does it prepare a child to do mental math? Nope!!!

How about, does it help children solve a problem. Yes, it does!!! And for that reason alone I’ve taught my students to do it!


Benefits of Lattice Multiplication

Most children understand how to use a basic grid, and because of that children succeed with this method.

Once they know how to correctly draw the grid, all they have to do is simply multiply single digits and then write that answer in a box.

They don’t have to add zeros. They don’t have to multiply by 10’s or 100’s.  They may not even have to spin their fidget spinner to complete king problems!!!

Lattice is fun, so how do we do it!!!

Lattice Multiplication: Step 1

Take each factor and break it down into digits. Write the digits for the first factor going across the page, and the second digits on the left going down the page.


Step 2

Next, make a grid for so that each digit has a box.


 Step 3

Now, divide each box into halves by starting in the top right corner and moving to the bottom left corner. You can have the diagonal lines continue so that they are outside of the grid boxes. This will help you with your answer!!


Step 4

Work through the grid and multiply each number together. Write the answers in the box. The number in the tens place goes in the upper part of the box, the number in the ones places goes in the lower part of the box. If there is not a number in the tens place, put a zero.


Step 5

To finish, you just add down the diagonal lines.


 Step 6

Finally, to figure out your product, read the numbers from the left of the grid around to the bottom of the grid.

The answer to my problem is 3,240


Once a child can correctly draw the lattice multiplication boxes, the rest is easy. I’ve seen children with learning disabilities be very successful with this method, and that makes any teacher smile.

I hope your children find the same success!

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