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This free Adding Fractions Game is perfect for working on adding fractions with common denominators and learning facts about space.

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What is it about outer space that fascinates kids???

The unknown? How absolutely large it is? Or the dream of taking off in a rocket?

Who knows….but this week I’m teaming up with some amazing bloggers to bring you a unit on space for your kiddos seven and up.

We have…..

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and I have the privilege of sharing with you an Adding Fractions Game with common denominators!

Prep work

1. Print off the game board on card stock paper!

2. Print of the game cards. using your two-sided printing function. If you do not have a printer that does two sides copies, print off all the game cards first, flip them over and print the back sides.

3. Cut out the game cards using the front. The back is a little bigger so that everything lines up perfect!

4. Gather up game pieces and fraction blocks!


Using Fraction Blocks

It is importance that when teaching adding fractions, that you provide manipulatives. I love fraction blocks because they are easy to use, and have all the fractions written on them.

Each problem in the adding fractions game can be easily solved with fractions blocks.

All the children need to do is get out the fraction pieces needed, add them together, and then count them.

For 2/4 + 2/4, the children would get and 1/4 and 1/4 and then another 1/4 and 1/4.

Next, they would count how many fourths they have.

Now, they should realize that 2/4 plus 2/4 equals= 4/4. And if they place it next to a 1 whole they will see that 4/4 = 1.

How to Play Adding Fractions Game

1. Player one draws a game card. If it is a fact about space, they read the fact out loud and then follow the instructions on the card.

If it is a math problem, the students must solve the problem and prove their answer with their fraction circles! They then find that answer on the game board and move their game piece to that spot.

It is then player’s two turn, and they follow the same procedures!

2. Players take turns until they have an answer that is not in front of their game piece. They then move to the END space and become the winner.

I hope you enjoy this chance to learn more about space and adding fractions!

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