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Looking for a fun way to teach division? These free Division Puzzles are a perfect way to practice long division in a fun, engaging way!

The free printable can be found at the END of this post. Click on the blue “get your free printable here” button.


I can’t say I have fun memories of learning long division! In keeping with its name, it is long. It has a ton of steps, and it could only be learned by sitting and doing a page full of them.

There weren’t any manipulatives. Definitely not any games, or anything resembling fun.

Today I’m on a mission to change that with these fun puzzles that have children using manipulatives to help them solve division problems and put puzzles back together!

Teaching Division with Arrays

If you are new to my blog, I have to disclose that I’m for teaching math in various ways until you find what works for each child. That may mean pulling out the base ten blocks and teaching division with arrays or allowing children to try out partial quotients. As long as a child can repeatedly, quickly, and correctly solve a problem they should be able to do it in a way that works best for them.

Even if it isn’t the way we were taught.

Often multiplication is taught using basic arrays, and nowadays that knowledge is built on to teach help students to understand more complex multiplication problems!

What better way to connect the concepts of multiplication and division by introducing long division using arrays!

You can find out exactly how to teach it here!!

Division Puzzles with Arrays

Once you’ve taught how to solve division problems with arrays and how to solve on paper….it is time for some practice. These division puzzles are a great place to start. They are fun, engaging, and beat doing 10 division problems on a boring worksheet!

Prep work

1. First, Print off the puzzles on card stock paper

2. Next, Cut out the pieces.

How to Use Division Puzzles

There are numerous ways you can use these in a classroom.

1. Place them in a center and have children record their answers. Since there are 10, this record sheet makes a perfect grade.

2. Print off enough sets so that a group of four children can work together to solve them. You could even make this a game to see who can correctly put them all back together first.

3. You could give each child one piece and they have to find their fellow students who will complete their puzzle.

4. Make this a part of your math rotations where you or another teacher guides children as they solve the problems!

Overall, strive to make this a fun time for your children. I hope these division puzzles pieces help you do that!!!

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