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This fun game is a great way to practice Adding Four Two-Digit Numbers using place value to help. Have fun playing dominoes and adding at the same time.

Place value! It is the foundation of math. Once place value is learned and is firmly, and securely in place, the options are endless.

This was very clear this week as I tried out this new game with my kindergarten and first-grade boy.

On a weekly basis we count by tens using our numbers chart and base ten blocks, so when I pulled out these task cards to add four two- digit numbers they were able to do them easily. Even though the task cards are for a second grader.

Next, we tried out the new adding four two-digit number dominos games, and with the use of the base ten blocks, they were once again successful!

I love place value, and I love using it to help children be successful even when adding a lot of numbers.

These dominos pieces are a great resource for you children to practice adding four two-digit numbers with models.

Prep Work For Adding Four Two-Digit Numbers Dominoes

  1. Print off dominoes on cardstock paper
  2. Laminate
  3. Provide dry erase markers

Directions For Adding Four Two-Digit Numbers Dominoes

  • To begin, each player draws four dominoes. If a player has the double 185 then they start the game. If no one has the 185, then the player with the double 149 starts the game. If no one has either, then the oldest player draws a domino and then the next player draws a domino until the double 185 or 149 is drawn.
  • Next, players take turns laying down dominoes that equal the other on the board. Students may write the answers on the dominoes once they have figured out the answers.
  • If they do not have a domino to play, they must draw dominoes until they do.
  • After a domino is put on the board then that player draws a new domino. When there are no more dominoes to draw this step may be skipped.
  • The game continues until a player runs out of dominoes, and they are the winner. The rest of the players can add up what they have left. The player with the least amount comes in second, etc.

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