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Adding and Subtracting compose a large portion of math time in kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade.

There is so much to learn!

  • Kindergarten students begin by working on adding one more and one less while second graders finish up by adding and subtracting within 1,000.
  • Our little ones work on memorizing all the expressions that equal 10, while children a little older work to conquer the task of regrouping.
  • Each child must learn how to solve word problems.
  • And we expect that all the math facts within 20 be memorized by the time a child is in second grade.

Yes, there is a lot to learn. And 60 Activities For Adding and Subtracting is designed to help you teach all of it, without you having to search the internet for fun, hands-on games and activities.


The first section of 60 Adding and Subtracting Activities is all about adding.

First, there are task cards to help children add in a fun, hands on way.

Next, try out some puzzles.

Or how about some games.

Then, there is a focus on the expressions that equal 10, as well as activities such as number bonds, games, and coloring pages to help children memorize their math facts up to 20.

With many activities in between, the addition section finishes up with activities to practice adding four two-digit numbers and adding three digit numbers.


The next section of the book is all about subtraction. It starts with a simple subtraction sort.

Then you can get a game to practice those subtraction facts to 20.

Next, you can find five activities to practice subtraction with regrouping.

There are even cut and paste activities.


Addition and Subtraction

The activities in this section have students both adding and subtracting. A fun movement game gets children moving, creating expressions, and exploring a 100’s chart.

There are number bond worksheets and activities to work through.

You can even get children adding and subtracting by ten with three different activities.



The fourth section of 60 Adding and Subtracting Activities works with expressions. You can print off expression sorts, clip cards, and cut and paste activities to help your children build a foundation in Algebra.


Word Problems

Last, but not least we come to word problems. This fifth section has over 100 word problems ranging from adding and subtracting within 10 to adding and subtracting within 1,000. The directions encourage children to solve the problems using number lines, number bonds, ten frames, and expressions.

60 Adding and Subtracting Activities

Teachers and homeschool moms are busy. We want to provide fun and engaging resources for our kiddos. Some children need remediation, while some need to be challenged…..and searching for all of those resources can be quite challenging.

This e-book provides you with games, task cards, cut and paste activities, interactive notebooks and more. And since it provides activities from Kindergarten to 2nd grade it is easy to remediate and challenge students.

This is one e-book you want to have at your finger tips!

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