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This simple, very low prep Comparing Fractions Game is a great way to get children to practice comparing fractions. And it is fun too!

comparing fractions game

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Comparing fractions!

There are numerous strategies for comparing fractions. The butterfly method, finding equivalent fractions with common denominators and modeling.

Though it is great to help children get the right answer, here’s a question? What methods will develop fraction sense in my children?

Whatever the answer may be, that is where you want to start. The butterfly method and finding common denominators are great strategies, but they don’t help children understand fractions like modeling does.

Comparing Fractions on a Number Line

Bethany from Math Geek Mama and I recently finished a series on Developing Fraction Sense. Fraction sense is best taught through hands on experiences. It may consist of playing with fraction manipulatives like fraction bars or pattern blocks or could be as simple as drawing models in a math notebook that has grid paper.

One easy way to build fraction sense and help children compare fractions in on a number line.

Find out how to do this HERE!

Comparing Fractions with Models

Another way to compare fractions is to have children draw models. The catch here is to make sure that both models are the same size. If children are comparing 1/4 and 3/8 they can’t draw a visual model with four grid squares for one model and eight grid squares for the other. Both visual models must have eight squares and then shaded in correctly.

As the children draw this they are beginning to understand equivalent fractions and how the equivalent fraction equation works.

Now that some building fraction sense has been done….it is time to practice with a comparing fractions game.

Prep Work For Comparing Fractions Game

  1. First, print off the game board on card stock paper!
  2. Next, print of the game cards. If you do not have a printer that does two sided copies, print off all the game cards first, flip them over and then print the back sides.
  3. Now, cut out the game cards using the front. The back is a little bigger so that everything lines up perfect!
  4. Finally, gather up game pieces.

Directions for Comparing Fractions Game

  • To begin, player one draws a game card. If it is a picture the player moves to that spot on the game board.
  • If it is a math problem, the students must find the closest fraction in front of their game piece that matches the description on the card. In this example, the player drew a card that says equal to 3/6 so they must move to the first 1/2 square they see.

In this example, the player drew a card that says equal to 3/6 so they must move to the first 1/2 square they see. But if they drew a card that says greater than  1/4 they would only have moved to the square with 6/8th on it…..as this is the first square they came to that has a fraction greater than 1/4.

  • Now it is player’s two turn, and they follow the same procedures!
  • Players take turns until they have an answer that is not in front of their game piece but on the board some place else. They then move to the END space!

Playing with fraction can be a lot of fun! Enjoy.

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