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These 30 activities provide numerous ways to learn about measurement. There are activities for non-standard and standard measurement. You can also find activities for measurement equivalence.



We are deep into learning about measurement. We are using rulers to measure lines. Exploring nature and once again figuring out their length and height with a ruler or yardstick. And we are memorizing measurement equivalences.

Measurement is such a fun, hands-on unit. And to make things easier on you, here are some of our favorite measurement activities.

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Non-Standard Measurement Activities

Measuring Objects with Gum Drops and then Graphing – From You’ve Got This Math – This activity has pictures to measure with gum drops. Extend the activity by creating a line graph. Finally, finish it up with answer question about the line graph with the provided printable.


STEM Challenge: Linear Units by Playdough to Plato – There is so much fun with the unit. Children get to race cars to see which one travels the furthest, compare two objects to see which is the longest and determine which tools to use to measure.

SImple Measurement Games by This Reading Mama – THere are four games in the free download that focus on time and non-standard measurement.

Measuring with Kind Hands by Rainy Day Mum – I love this sweet activity.  They get to measure themselves with hands, and then come up with that many says to be kind to someone else. Precious!

Free printable for Kindergarten Non- Standard Measurement

Learning Resources Fish-in-Line Nonstandard Measurement SetLearning Resources Fish-in-Line Nonstandard Measurement SetLearning Resources Measuring MotorsLearning Resources Measuring MotorsSlim Goodbody Math Monsters: Standard and Non-Standard MeasurementsSlim Goodbody Math Monsters: Standard and Non-Standard Measurements


Printable Measurement Activities Using a Ruler

Measuring Line Clip Cards – Here are 40 clip card to make measurement for kids fun and exciting. They focus on measuring in cm, inches, half inches, and quarter inches.

Length Comparison Task Cards – These cards have children measuring objects and then figuring out how much shorter, taller or longer one object is from the other.

Measuring Gingerbread Men by Peggy Means – Focus on measuring using inches with these cute cards.

FREE Winter Measurement Worksheets – Here is another easy printable to work on inches.

Valentine’s Day Measuring Worksheets – Simple print and have children measure the lines in CM.

Learning Measurement Worksheets by Guru Parents – Need beginner worksheets. One focus on which is taller. Another us non-standard measurement. Finally, there is a cut and paste activity using a ruler.

Marked Measurement RulersMarked Measurement Rulers


Measurement Activities in the Real World

Exploring Measurement With Leaves  From Life Over C’s – This one gets children out collecting leaves and sticks for a fun measurement activity!

How long is an Inch? This Activity from the Measured Mom is a great hands-on lesson to learn about what an inch is.

Gardening WIth Kids: How Fast Does a Plant Grow from Edventure with Kids  I love this idea of mixing science, outside time, and math.

Jack and The Beanstalk – This fun activity focuses on plants again, but also bring in literature.

How Big is a Blue Whale from Edventure with Kids – Another way to work measurement into other subjects. This one combines art, reading and science as children figure out how large a blue whale actually is.

Measuring Experience With Cars And Blocks by Inspiration Laboratories – Have a car lover?? If so, this is a fun one to get in some real-life measurement.

Inch by Inch by Rainy Day Mum – Here is another activity based on a book, and then requires your kiddos to get outside and measure.

Inch by InchInch by InchHow Big Is a Foot? (Rise and Shine)How Big Is a Foot? (Rise and Shine)How Long or How Wide?: A Measuring Guide (Math Is Categorical)How Long or How Wide?: A Measuring Guide (Math Is Categorical)

Measurement Exploration Center by Buggy and Buddy – Kids love to explore and setting up a measurement center is a perfect way to get their creative juices flowing.

Frog Jump Measurement by Coffee Cups and Crayons – Learn about the frog life cycle, get in some gross motor skills, and practice measurement with the fun ideas presented here.

Measuring Weight and Mass

STEM Challenge: Weight Measurement from Playdough to Plato – With over 30 cards, children will be encouraged to weigh items and determine which one weight more!

Which Weighs More? by Arts and Crafts – Grab a scale and have a blast weighing and comparing objects. This activity includes lots of learning opportunities!

Popcorn Mass Challenge by a Dab Of Glue Will Do – Will a popcorn bag weigh more or less when it is popped???? Fun exploration for the kiddos.



Learning Resources Precision School BalanceLearning Resources Precision School Balance


Activities for Measurement Equivalences

Gallon Man by You’ve Got This Math – This Gallon Man Printable makes creating a Gallon man easier. Just cut and paste to help learn liquid equivalents. Also includes fluid ounces for Classical Conversations memory work. 

Measurement Equivalence Puzzles – Need a Unit Conversion activity? These 10 puzzles have children figuring out liquid equivalences (gallons to quarts), metric equivalences (cm to m), and US conversions such as inches to feet.

Measurement Equivalence Bump Games  by You’ve Got This Math – These FREE Measurement Conversion Games will help your children practice liquid equivalence, US Length Equivalences, and Metric Equivalences.

Cooking Story Game – This fun activity ties in reading a book and working on teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups!

Liquid Measurement Card game by Life Over C’s – Fun cards and cute graphics make this game a fun way to practice liquid equivalences.

Measurement Conversion Fans – If a child is struggling to remember the conversions, this is a good resource for them to have on hand while solving problems.

LRNLER0360 - Learning Resources Gallon Measurement SetLRNLER0360 – Learning Resources Gallon Measurement SetLearning Resources Gallon Measurement SetLearning Resources Gallon Measurement SetTrend Enterprises Measurement, U.S. Customary Learning Chart, 17Trend Enterprises Measurement, U.S. Customary Learning Chart, 17Metric System Chart Guide - Quick Reference Guide by PermachartsMetric System Chart Guide – Quick Reference Guide by Permacharts



Measurement is so much fun!!! Enjoy this fun time with your little ones!

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