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These FREE Measurement Tools Worksheets will help your child practice choosing appropriate tools for measuring. There are two printables for inches, yards, miles and two for mm, cm, and meters.

It is second nature to us! We need to measure a wall or the size of a room to figure out furniture arrangement. If a long tape measure wasn’t an option, we would grab a yardstick. But if we want to measure a picture, we are going for a ruler.

But, like most things that come naturally to us……they don’t come naturally to little ones. They have to have repeated experience with measurement tools before they will instinctively know what to use.

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Before the worksheet:

You know me…I’m not a big fan of just handing out worksheets and letting our kiddos sit and work. Yes, worksheets have their place and can be a great assessment (we have to know what our little ones can do on their own), but they shouldn’t be our first stop.

So, before handing out this worksheet I would encourage you to let your children explore with rulers and yardsticks.

If possible, take a trip outside and challenge them to find five things they would measure with the inch on a ruler. They might say things like a leaf, a bug, or a blade of grass. You never know what they might discover on their adventure.

Next, have them look for items to measure with a ruler or feet!! The trick here is to encourage them to find things that are less than 3 feet since three feet equals a yard…..this is a great preview of measurement equivalences.

Then, have a scavenger hunt to look for objects to measure using a yardstick.

Finally, if at all possible have them walk a mile. I have gone out into a large field and as a class measured out 1/4 or 1/8 of a mile, and then we have figured out how many laps we needed. And after all that, of course we walked/ran it.

After all this fun hands-on exploring, then and only then would I pass out the measurement tools worksheet.

Prep Work –

These no prep sheets are fun, and require almost no effort on your part!!!

  • First, print off worksheets on copy paper
  • Next, provide Do – A – Dot markers.

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 Directions for Measurement Tools Worksheet

The directions are just as easy as the prep!

Players simply dot the circle that best describes the appropriate tools they should use to measure each object.

For example, if I was measuring a skateboard I’m going to use feet, and if I’m going to measure a real car… yards would be the best option.

A doll could go two ways though. We have a drum and a doll that inches would be the best measurement tool. But we also have dolls that are pretty large, and it would be best to measure using feet. If you want to do this as a grade, you may want to show the children an example of the object so they know what you answer you are looking for.

I hope this helps you assess your student’s knowledge.

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