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Want to fight the summer slide. These 24 outdoor learning ideas are fun and help kids learn while they are playing outdoors.

Want to fight the summer slide. These 24 outdoor learning ideas are fun and help kids learn while they are playing outdoors.

Children love to explore, get dirty, and above all move around. And just because they are playing outdoors, doesn’t mean they aren’t learning.

Some of a child’s best learning can be done outside. And if you are struggling with facilitating a little outdoor learning, I have some great ideas for you.

I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you 24 outdoor learning ideas.

STEM Outdoor Learning Ideas

Javelin STEM Challenge by You’ve Got This Math – If your kids love a challenge and some competition, this is a fun one. They get to build a javelin and see which design goes the furthest. (Measurement is involved)

Nature Sculpture Engineering Challenges by Share it! Science –  Do your kids love STEAM projects. Get in some Engineering with this fun outdoor STEAM project.

Stick Raft Building by Kids Craft Room – Put your water table to good use with this fun STEM raft building challenge.

Baking Soda and VInegar Powered Boats by the Tool Box – Get out the water table and see boats move and explore chemical reactions with this fun idea.

Reading Outdoor Learning Ideas

Sight Word Water Ballon Toss by Primary Playground

Teaching Sight Words with A Fun Water Play Activity by Homeschool Preschool – Grab some water and chalk to get children reading sight words while cooling off!

Story Telling in the Woods by Rainy Day Mum – This activity is a wonderful family activity that encourages creativity, collaboration, and imagination.

Sidewalk Word Families by 123Homeschool4Me – A little bit of movement and reading! This is an easy and fun way to work on word families.

Water Ballon Letter Smash by School Times Snippets – Most kids love water balloons, and you can modify this one for any age group!


Math Outdoor Learning Ideas

Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math Game by Look! We’re Learning – This game can be customized for any level. Work on number recognition, adding and subtracting, multiplying and division, and even fractions.

Counting Walk With Toddlers by Bambini Travel – Another great idea that has so much learning in it. This one gets children counting objects and can be used to build vocabulary too!

Graden Frame Ten Frame by Rainy Day Mum – I love ten frames as a way to learn math, and this a creative way to use them.

Fractals in Nature: A Mathematical Suncatcher Project by Share it! Science – There is so much learning in this activity. First, explore fractals. Next, get in some photography. Finally, make your own suncatcher using what you learned!

Square Foot Outdoor Activity by Little Bins For Little Hands – So much learning in this simple activity. Preview area, get in some science, and even technology.

Science Outdoor Learning Ideas

Birdwatching Books and a Simple Unit Study by BJ Homeschool – Do you enjoy birdwatching with your kids, like we do?

We started that when our daughter was only a preschooler.  She loved watching the birds at our feeder and all around our neighborhood.  Then we made a simple unit study including learning how to draw the birds that visited our backyard.

Preschool Nature Walk by Homeschool Preschool – Get great tips for setting up a successful nature walk, especially if you have little ones.

Aquatic Science: Pond Studies by Eva Varga – If you live near water, this is another wonderful outdoor learning idea that allows children to explore their world and learn about it too.

Creating Seed Bombs by Hide the Chocolate – If your kids like playing in the mud, this is an activity for them.

Nature Hunt in the City by Table Life Blog –  Even if you live in the city, you can take a nature walk. This is a great post on how to do just that.

Science Fun in the Garden by BJ Homeschool – Do you have kids, like mine who learn best through hands-on approaches? How about learning science through simple gardening?

Growing veggies is a great way to not only teach your kids about gardening and nutrition, it is also a wonderful opportunity for them to learn the scientific method.  And play outside at the same time!

Other Great Ideas:

Explore the Trenches of World War 1 with Adventures in MommyDom – World War 1 history will come alive with this fun activity. 

Summer unit study by BreakthroughHomeschooling – There’s no reason learning has to stop during summer break! Use some of these ideas to keep the learning going while you enjoy a week at the beach with your family.

Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids That Double As Exercise by Breakthrough Homeschool – We know that exercise is important, and this post has some great ideas about making this a fun time for your family.

Three Outdoor Social Studies Activites by Lesson Planet – Learn about migration, a blitzkrieg attack, and child labor laws with these fun activities. 

Learning doesn’t just happen in a school room or at a desk. Some of our children’s best memories will come from being outdoors and exploring. We hope that these activities help you get your little ones outside and learning. Enjoy it!

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