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What do you need?

For the mock class, you will need headphones. These are the ones I use, but you can look around for others.

Once you pass the mock class, you want to get a bulletin board set and an orange t-shirt. This way, you look great for your final interview.

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Preparing for your Mock Class:

You are going to be nervous for your first class, so you want to be very prepared!

Begin by watching each of these videos. For each slide write down what the presenter is saying. What questions are they asking? What hand motions did she use? What props did she use? If you have a puppet I would highly recommend using that. I didn’t, so I used a stuffed animal and covered my mouth with it while the stuffed animal talked.


Once you have jotted down notes, go back to the slides and practice. You want to get to the point that you don’t have to look at your notes for help.

When you are comfortable with that, schedule your appointment. You can either do a recording at your own convenience or do a live interview. I did the recording and that worked for me.

If you choose to do a recorded video, you need to watch this!! Very important!!

When you get ready to record your interview you need to do a couple of things.

  1. Get your camera up. I use a large plastic box and set my computer on top of it.
  2. You need light. They will mark you down if there are shadows on your face. I have a window behind my computer, and I also have a lamp without the shade behind my computer. This has really helped.
  3. Make sure you are far enough away from the camera so that the “children” can see your hand movements.

This is what my “classroom” looks like right before I begin. I have my props sitting out, light on, and computer up on a box.

You have to use TPR – put your finger on your mouth when you are pronouncing new words. Put your hand on your ears when you want them to say something.

If you are recording, make sure you wait for the fake child to speak. Say what they should be saying in your mind. Also, pretend that they made a mistake at some point. The person scoring the interview will want to make sure that you know how to gently correct them.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions and we can chat.


You’ve Got This!!!!