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Are you looking for typing lessons online? KidzType has fun engaging lessons and free games that make learning to type fun!!!

Are you looking for typing lessons online? KidzType has fun engaging lessons and free games that make learning to type fun!!!

Though the opinions are my own, I was compensated for writing this post. 

Let’s face it. We live in an age where computer skills are a most. At some point, our children are going to be typing on a computer.

It could be for something important like a college research paper, or it could just be for interacting online.

In either scenario, our children need to have basic typing skills. I don’t know about you, but it was painful to watch my boy peck the keyboard with one finger. They hit one key, looked for the next key for a few seconds, hit one more key with their pointer finger, and then started the process all over. Even simple words like and or the took FOREVER to be typed up.

I knew we had to do something to help them gain these basic typing skills, and I needed a fun way to do it. And having typing lessons online was a huge plus.

That is where KidzType came in!

Typing Lessons Online

Kidztype has created a fun way for children to practice typing.

Lesson one has the kiddos working practicing one letter at a time, and slowly adds letters. The keys are highlighted in a bright letter, and on the side, you can see fingers moving to help the children know what finger they should be using.

The goal is to finish the lesson in less than 10 minutes and you gain angels based on your accuracy. It gets children typing and the competition and awards add a little fun to completing the lessons.

Typing Games

After a little bit of practice, I let my boys head over to the games section. I allowed my oldest to try it out first, and within seconds all the boys were gathered around.

They love ninjas, and so they gravitated to the ninja and zombie game. The ninja is fighting the zombies. The zombies have words on them and the player must type the word above the zombies head before the zombie reaches the ninja. Great motivation for getting your little ones typing skills up.

Don’t worry, if you have sweet girls there are games for them too.

They can play a cat game, go swimming, pop balloons, or shoot of rockets!!

All of them get our littles or not so littles, practicing their skills and learning to type.

Other Things Kids Can Try Out

Even good for us more experience keyboarders, these practice sessions time you and let you see how accurate you are.

You or your kids can also go through typing exercises that work on specific letters. If you see that your child is struggling with certain letters, this will give them a little more practice to master it.

All in all, my children have loved this way of practicing their typing skills….and I’m hopeful that our days of chicken pecking are over!!