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Grab these free clip cards to practice fractional parts of a set. Children look at a set of ornaments and figure out the fraction that represents how many are yellow.

The closer we get to Christmas the harder our school days have become. They are ready for a break and ready for the Christmas festivities to start! But to their dismay, we still have quite a few days to go.

So it is time to pull out some fun Christmas themed activities that keep them learning, but change things up a bit.

And these Christmas Tree Clip cards that focus on fractional parts of a set is just one activity we will be using.

What you get:

This free printable has 16 clip cards that focus on a different aspect of fractions. Normally, we see fractions represented like pies. But it is important for our children to also see that fractions can represent a group of items (like all the ornaments on the tree). And these clip cards do just that.

And all you have to do is print them off, cut them out, and provide clothespins. Now you are set for a fun Christmas learning activity.

Home-X Wooden Clothespins. Set of 50.Home-X Wooden Clothespins. Set of 50.Home-X Wooden Clothespins. Set of 50.


Fractional Parts of a Set

Let’s look at a few of these and see how to work through them!


In this example, the question asks what fraction of the ornaments are yellow. First, we count up how many ornaments there are in all…..which is 10.

The 10 becomes our denominator, this indicates the number of equal parts. And now it is time to figure out the numerator. 

And it is pretty simple. All we do is count up the number of yellow ornaments. Since there are four ornaments, the fraction is 4/10.

But if you notice, there is not a 4/10 on the clip card. Yep, the clip card forces our little kiddos to simplify.  And we all know that 4/10 is 2/5.

Another one:


Once again we begin by figuring out our denominator. We do this by counting up how many ornaments there are in all, and we learn that our denominator will be 8.

Next, we count up the blue ornaments. There are four of them, so our numerator is 4.

Four-eights of the ornaments are blue, but once again there isn’t a 4/8.

So we simplify, and we get 1/2.

Being able to find fractional parts of a set is just one way to build fraction sense, and I hope these clip cards help!

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