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Word problems are an essential part of math time. These free word math problems give you numerous options for making them part of your school day. Many are interactive and have children solving on number lines, making arrays, or using ten frames.



You know those math sheets that you do a ton of problems that are all the same, and then at the bottom, there are two-word problems. You don’t even have to think about them, you just do what you did on the last 20 problems.

Well, today we are here to talk about word problems. But not those type.

We are talking about word problems that get our children thinking and exploring math. Word problems that require them to model their thinking, and write out different equations.

So here are FREE word math problems that will help you implement this in your schoolroom.

A Word Problem Every Day?

Not that math scores are everything, but the year my fifth-grade team spent time working doing a word problem daily, our math score dramatically improved.

This daily math practice wasn’t meant to prep for a test. It was simply to get children thinking and using different skills to solve real-life problems.  They were required to model it, write out equations, and sometimes we asked them to write out how they solved it.

What resulted was a group of children that had a much better understanding of math….and as a result, their test scores improved.

I want to encourage you to try out some word problems this week, and not just on what you are studying. Through in some word problems on skills you have previously covered. It is a great way to review!!!

Enjoy these free word math problems.

Get all of my Kindergarten through Second Grade Math Problems HERE. There are over 100-word problems to solve!!!

Adding and Subtracting


Multiplication and Division


This multiplication and division bundle has word problems as well as all my other activities in one easy download.

Fractions and Decimals

You may also like my fraction bundle. It has all my fraction activities, plus word problems in one easy download.





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  1. Lynette McBride says:

    I don’t see the link to download the free problems?

    1. Rachel C says:

      Hi Lynette, click on the picture of the word problems you are interested in and it will take you to that post. At the bottom of that post, you can download the printable.
      This page is just the list of all the different word problems available on my blog.

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