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Grab these free liquid measurement word problems. Children read the word problem, color in a beaker, cup, etc and then solve the problem.

I love cooking with my children. There is so much math involved and we get to practice liquid measurement, and I can sometimes get in word problems. I recently had my son triple a single serve recipe to make it a family recipe. It was a great impromptu math time.

But sometimes we can’t practice measuring liquids in real life. So using pictures can help.

And that is what this simple liquid measurement worksheet does.

The worksheet

So this worksheet is very simple. In the beginning, children are given a word problem. Next, they get to work out the problem by coloring in cups or cylinders.

Once it is all colored in, the write down the answer to the word problem!!! It is that east!!!

Liquid Measurement Subtraction Problem

This question says that Briella started with 1 cup of water, and we begin by coloring in one cup of water.




The next part of the word problem reads that she spilled 5 oz of water. We get to cross out 5 oz of water. And when I do that I see that she only has 3 oz of water left in her cup. The answer is 8 oz ( 1 cup) – 5 oz = 3 oz.

Liquid Measurement Addition Problem

This problem gives us two numbers and wants to know if we add them up will we reach the top of our cylinder. Once again we begin by coloring in the first number.

Now we can color in the next number. But even just adding forty puts over the top. So we can color in the rest of the cylinder. And our answer is YES!!!!

By allowing our children to color in the cups, cylinders, etc we are helping them learn to measure liquid. It will also help them be able to read how much liquid is in a container. And on top of that…..they get to practice adding and subtracting.

It is a win-win!


You’ve Got This,


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