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Your students will love this vertical angle activity. These clip cards make figuring out the measurements of angles formed by intersecting lines easy.

I love teaching fourth and fifth-grade math. It is fun. It is challenging. And I have learned so much from teaching it.

It is crazy, but my oldest son is now learning the material I taught in public school for many years. I love it, but at the same time, it makes me sad. Wasn’t he just born?????

Since he is learning what I love teaching, I have had a blast creating new activities to supplement what he is doing in his math curriculum.

And today, we have an adjacent and vertical angle activity.


As with all clip cards, a little cutting needs to be done before you can use them. But after that, you will have an activity that will last for many years.

  1. First, print off all clip cards on card stock paper. Print off the recording sheet on regular paper.
  2. Next cut them out and then laminate them.
  3. Finally, gather up clothespins and pencils……

and you are ready to go!

Vertical Angles

Vertical angles are formed by intersecting lines. They are not the same as adjacent angles, as they are opposite each other. In this picture, you can see the vertical angles are the angles with the half circle in them.

They are directly opposite each other.


How to Solve?

Each card has intersecting lines that form four angles.

The measurement for one angle is given, and our kiddos need to figure out the measurement of the two angles that have the arched line in them.

And this is pretty simple to do. …..if you know what the degrees of a line equals.

In this sample, we see that one measurement is 105. The adjacent angle and this angle make a straight line. Therefore the two adjacent angles equal 180.

Now, all we have to do is subtract 180 – 105 to find out what the adjacent angle equals.

180 – 105 = 75

So the angle next to the angle with a measurement of 105 is 75. That also means the vertical angle, the other angle with an arch in it is 75 too. They will always be congruent (the same).

And that is all you and your kiddos have to do to find the answer. Finding the measurement of angles in intersecting lines is pretty easy!

You’ve Got This,



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