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15 Fun And Engaging Interactive Notebooks

These interactive notebooks are a great way to teach new subjects or skills. Grab some scissors, glue, and crayons for a fun time of exploration. Many of you know my story. I struggled with math during my school years. I didn’t get it. If you...
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30 Scripted Lessons For Developing Number Sense

Grab these 30 Scripted Lessons for Developing Number Sense in Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade. The lessons are fun and hands-on to make learning fun for your little ones, but at the same time helping them learn valuable skills. They will explore the hundreds chart, base...
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How to pass your interview for VIPKIDS

Last August, we had to sit down and look at our finances. As much as I love homeschooling, my blog wasn’t making enough money yet to provide the extra financial support or family needed. I desperately didn’t want to stop homeschooling, so I began looking...
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