FREE No-Prep Counting Coins Math Game

Your kids will love playing this counting coins game. You will love that it is no-prep and works on money skills while they are having fun. You may also want to check out these other games that build new math skills. 

FREE No-Prep Counting Coins Math Game

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It’s summertime, and my favorite way to keep math fresh for my kiddos is through math games. Especially those that don’t require much prep-work. And this counting coins game is exactly that. 

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As I mentioned, this game is very simple to prepare. 

  • First, print off one game board on card stock paper. 
FREE No-Prep Counting Coins Math Game
  • Next, print off the BINGO cards and cut them out. 
FREE No-Prep Counting Coins Math Game
  • Finally, gather up BINGO markers, game pieces, and die. 

How to Play:

As simple as this game is to prep, it is that simple to play. 

The players can start wherever they want on the board and can move around the board in any direction. 

To begin, player one rolls the die and moves that many spaces. Whatever space they land on, they figure out the money represented. Next, they cover up that amount on their BIngo board.

In this example, the player landed on 3 quarters. We all know that one quarter is 25 cents. 25 + 25 + 25 = 75. So the player needs to cover up $0.75.

FREE No-Prep Counting Coins Math Game

Player two does the same thing, rolls the die, moves that many spaces, and then counts out the change. Once that is done, they find that amount on their BINGO card and covers it up. 

This continues until someone gets five in a row.

It is a fun game, that gets kids practicing important money skills. Enjoy.

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FREE No-Prep Counting Coins Math Game


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FREE No-Prep Counting Coins Math Game

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