How to Find Math Learning Resources

Learnamic is a wonderful resource for teachers and parents looking to find math learning resources. Check out how it works here.

how to find math learning resources

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How many of you have ever needed a learning resource and thought, “I will just jump on the computer and find that real quick.”

30 minutes later you still haven’t found it, and you realize that time you wasted searching for it, you could have started making what you needed.

Over and over this has happened to me, but I have something new that I would love to share with you.

I was compensated for my time to write this post, but all of my opinions are honest and I was not required to post a positive review.

I recently found a free new search engine that will help you find what you are looking for quickly. It is called Learnamic.


What is Learnamic

Unlike other search engines, Learnamic has one focus…to help you find learning materials that both you and children will enjoy.

This site has one mission…. “to help people find the best learning resources for them and their kids, whether they’re free or paid, whether they’re books, apps, online classes, YouTube videos, printables, or another format.”

I love that they don’t just provide resources that make them money, and they aren’t promoting their resources or those of affiliates. This allows them to be completely unbiased!

How to use Learnamic

First, head on over to Learnamic.

Next, you have a few options. Your first option is to search:

  • Simply type in what you searching for and a list of resources will show up.

My first grader is still struggling with place value, so this is what I choose to search for. When I first searched I got a list of some online classes.

place value search

  • Next, you can select the grade level you want to focus on, the price, the type of resource, etc. My first search got me a lot of resources from Khan Academy, but I wanted to see what else I could find. As my child loves being on the iPad….I clicked on that and found a fun game that he can play. We will definitely be trying it out this week!!!

How to Find Math Learning Resources

  • Finally, you have a list of resources that will help you teach this concept. You can scan down and find what best fits your needs and the needs of your children.

Your next option is to browse:

The first step is to head on back to Learnamic and then scan down. Now, you will see a list of topics….of course, you know me, I had to check out the math ones. I tried out the counting topic and found a wide range of resources from free printables, curriculum, and games. I loved that all of this was right there with one little click.


Try it Out: Find Math Learning Resources for Your Little Ones

Guess what, it is your turn. Is there a topic that you need a little more help on? Something you haven’t been able to figure out on your own.

Try it out and see if you find what you need!

Then you can participate in the giveaway.

Learnamic is offering a special right now. If you try out the search engine and write a review you will be entered for a chance to win an Amazon gift card, and the best review will receive a $100 dollar gift card.

It is a win-win. You get to find math learning resources and possibly win an Amazon card right in time for Christmas.

Follow Them

Like most companies nowadays, Learnamic provides great resources through social media. Their Facebook pages have great articles on education and best practices on how to teach our children, so it is a great one to follow!




I hope Learnamic helps you find exactly what you need, without hours of searching!!

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