Groups Of 10 Place Value Activity

Groups of 10 are a great way to begin building number sense. And this activity meant to be done after reading “What’s the Place Value” is a great way to work on the tens and one’s place. 

Groups Of 10 Place Value Activity

What’s the Place Value?

I love this simple read aloud. It is a perfect introduction to place value and understanding the tens and the one’s place. We want our children to see place value in many different aspects, and this book looks at it from a different point of view! 

And since most kids love popsicle, this book is a fun and yummy way to begin the exploration of place value. 

Grab it for yourself.

What's The Place Value? (Little World Math)What’s The Place Value? (Little World Math)What's The Place Value? (Little World Math)


Or listen to it on Youtube!

Groups of 10

This simple activity gets children exploring place value, and creating numbers up to 100 based on pictures they see. If you sit with them while they work through the slides, you can also work on counting by 10’s…..which I highly recommend. 

This video walks you through how these slides work!

Boom Cards

If you are unfamiliar with Boom Cards, This Reading Mama has an amazing post that describes them! Check it out if you have any questions. 

Information on Boom Cards

I hope you and your children enjoy these fun Boom Cards and much my children do, and that working through groups of 10 builds their number sense. 

This link will take you to boom cards

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Groups Of 10 Place Value Activity

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Groups Of 10 Place Value Activity

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