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Multiplying Double Digits | Free Printables

In this article, I will show you the procedures for multiplying double digits. There are a lot of steps to multiplying double digits. It can be quite confusing! And it requires a ton of practice for many students to master.

But no student wants to spend hours practicing multiplying two-digit numbers over and over. We don’t want that for our kiddos either, so here is a game that gets children practicing multiplying two-digit numbers.

A Game for Your Youngsters to Multiply Double Digits

Our children will be able to learn how to multiply double digits very easily and interactively with the help of this game. This approach is quite successful. This method should assist your young champ in learning basic math operations and laying a solid calculating foundation.

boards and cards to play the game of multiplying double digits

What to Teach Before Playing

There are three popular ways to teach multiplying large numbers right now. I’ve always been a fan of teaching numerous methods since children learn differently. What works for me and makes sense to me, may not make sense to them. A different method may be the key to their success.

Traditional Method

This is the way many of us were taught in school, and the way most of us are comfortable teaching. But if you have a child struggling, I suggest trying one or both of the following methods.


I used this method many times as a classroom teacher. I’m not sure why, but it worked great for my children that struggled in math. As long as they could draw the boxes correctly, knew their math facts, and understood a grid…they got this!

Partial Products

This one can be a bit cumbersome as numbers get larger, but I love it because of its emphasis on place value. I always taught this one even if it just helped children to see why a zero was added when you reached the second, third, fourth line, etc on the traditional method. Some students naturally liked this the best, which was the strategy I would see them use during independent work. It is honestly how I solve multiplication problems in my head. The steps are:

  • First, write down the numbers 25 and 12; line them up by place value like the picture given below.

writing numbers for multiplying double digits

  • Then, take the one digit of the bottom number.
  • After that, multiply the top number by the taken digit number.
  • Write down the ones digit in the ones place of the product and take the tens number in hand.
  • Then, multiply the tens digit of the top number by the ones digit of the bottom number.
  • Add the tens number that you took in hand in the last step.

number breakdowns of multiplying double digits

  • After that, multiply the top number by the tens digit of the bottom number. For this example, we will multiply 25 by 1.

first step of multiplication

  • Place a 0 first in the next line and ones digit as here, 1 represents ten.

placing a zero at the one's place

  • Follow the same procedure described in steps 4 and 5.

end of the multiplication

  • Lastly, add the two products and get the total result of two-digit multiplication.

Addition after multiplication If you are interested in trying out these different methods with your kiddos and seeing what works best for them check out this post. You can get more details on how to teach each one with some cut-and-paste activities to support their learning here.

Required Prep-Work

  1. Print the game board and game cards on cardstock paper
  2. Cut out the game cards and decide if you want to use them all or just some. There are cards for two-digits by two-digits, two-digits by three digits, three-digits by two-digit multiplication, and three-digits by three-digit multiplication.
  3. Provide students with a die, game markers, and a calculator. I would also provide a whiteboard and dry-erase marker so they have a place to do their work.

different cards to multiply

How to Play Multiplying Double Digit Game

  1. Students take turns rolling the die and moving around the board.
  2. If the player lands on a picture, they must draw a card and complete the multiplication problem. Another player will do the same problem on the calculator. If the person who is doing the math without a calculator correctly answers the problem, they may roll again. If they have to solve another problem, they may not roll again….it is now the next player’s turn.
  3. If a player lands on a space with words, they must follow those directions.
  4. The player who makes it to the end of the board first wins the game.

step by step procedure to complete the game

Download Free Printable PDF

Download the following PDF and play with your kiddo with joy.

Playing games with children is a great way to get them to practice math. It is fun. It’s not boring, and a lot of children enjoy the complete aspect of it. If you have any kind of questions or suggestions, feel free to write them down in the comment box.


You’ve Got This!

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