7 Place Value Activities


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This product includes

Place Value Game
Ordering Cards
64 Task Cards
10 Cut and Paste Activities
4 Written Responses
5 Dot Pages
5 Coloring Pages


Place Value Game – pass out cards and children try to build the largest number.

Ordering Cards – 3 different ways to use…work on ordering, saying numbers, and recognizing large numbers.

64 Task Cards –

These task cards start in the 10,000’s and go to a million. There are eight different tasks the children will be asked to do.

  1. Fill in missing blanks on a number line
  2. Use clues to create a number (put a 1 in the tens place)
  3. Put numbers in order from smallest to largest
  4. Continue the pattern (12,345, 12,445, 12,545, ____, ____
  5. Add ten, hundred, thousand, ect to a number
  6. Use digits to create the smallest or largest number possible
  7. Comparisons
  8. Tell the place value of a digit

10 Cut and Paste Activities – children will place digits in numbers so that they are in order from largest to smallest and then vice versa. They will work on expanded form, and adding 10, 100, 1,000 etc to a number.

4 Written Responses – children will analyze a students answer, figure out if it is right or wrong and then explain why.

5 Dot Pages – children will dot numbers that are larger or smaller than a given number.

5 Coloring Pages – children create a spinner and then color in the part of the picture that matches the clue….for example, color in the number that has a 9 in the ten-thousands place.