Fall Counting Coins Packet


You can also purchase this product at my Teacher’s Pay Teachers

This product has….

  • counting coins game
  • coin match using the same apples from the game to limit the amount that needs to be cut out
  • four counting coin worksheets


You can also purchase this product at Teacher’s Pay Teachers

This packet has a counting coin game – children move around the board collecting coins and counting them. The player with the largest amount of money wins.

There is also a matching activity. This activity has a set of squares with coins in them. The children use the apples from the game (which have an amount of money on it) and place them on the squares.

There are also four worksheets, they each have children counting coins and recording their answers by cutting and pasting, coloring in coins, coloring a picture that has the right amount of money, and a draw the line to the right amount.