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10 Gum Drop Math Activities

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These Gum Drop Math Activites provides you with hands-on math activities using Gum Drops. Grab you STEM cards, measuring, fraction activities and more here.

  • Gum Drop Structures

These 24 STEM cards have children building 2D and 3D shapes as well as Christmas objects such as angels, Christmas trees and sleds.

  • Counting With Gum Drops

In this simple activity, children say the number on the gingerbread house and then fill it with that many Gum Drops.

  • Gum Drop Patterns

Children finish ABAB, AABB, AABAAB patterns using Gum Drops.

  • Comparing Numbers with Gum Drops

Working on numbers from 11 to 20, children place Gum Drops in ten frames and decide which number is greater.

  • Suduko With Gum Drops

This Gum Drop Math Activity is a fun way to work on reasoning. Children use their Gum Drops to complete the Suduko puzzles.

  • Printable Time Game

Use Gum Drops to mark the BINGO card, while little ones read analogue clocks to the hour, thirty minutes, quarter to and a quarter after, and finally in five-minute increments.

  • Measuring and Line Graph Activity With Gum Drops

Measure Christmas objects with Gum Drop and then record them on a line graph. Then the children get to answer a few questions about their graph.

  • Area and Perimeter with Gum Drops

Next, the children have opportunities to fill in a grid with Gum Drops and then figure out the area and perimeter.

  • Fraction of A Group Word Problems

Moving on, we have word problems that children can solve with Gum Drops. These problems have children figuring out problems such as....How many Gum Drops are there if 2/3 of them are yellow and the rest are green.

  • Gum Drop Multiplying Fractions

Finally, we end with children multiplying simple fractions such as 1/2 x 2/3. Children fill in the grids with Gum Drops and then create a fraction based on how many squares are in the grid and have two Gum Drops in the squares. It is a great way to help children use area models to solve multiplying fractions.

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