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Turkey Coloring Pages

Once all the fun and chaos of Fall and Halloween are over, it’s time to focus on the November and December holidays. And so I am sharing these fun turkey coloring pages.

Yay! I love family time and family holidays, and as much as I love summer, Fall is a great season too. But, with season changes comes weather changes, so that may mean more time indoors. If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving themed activity to give your kids, then you’ll want to download and print these turkey coloring pages.

assortment of thanksgiving turkey and turkey coloring pages

With the internet providing us so much more information at our fingertips, we know and can share a lot more information about Thanksgiving than what we learned as kids.

While it shouldn’t be controversial, some have made it that way. But, our complete and thorough history as Americans needs to be shared.

Thanksgiving History

People had been celebrating their bounty and harvest and giving thanks with banquets long before the actual Thanksgiving was recognized.

But, it was FDR who actually signed the bill making it a federal holiday during his tenure at President.

Setting aside time to be thankful and count your blessings is a practice that many have done for thousands of years.

Modern America has changed it a bit–making it more of a food centered holiday, with football and parades.

There is some dispute over whether or not the “first Thanksgiving” even actually took place. For decades, American school children have been taught that the Pilgrims and the Indians (as they were called, Native American is now more widely used) put aside their differences and celebrated a meal together after a drought year.

A proclamation by JFK acknowledged as much, but many historians dispute whether there is any real evidence of this.

Turkey at Thanksgiving

If there was a first Thanksgiving in the colonies, it is much more likely that deer was served instead of turkey.

Nevertheless, the turkey has become the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner.

A cook book titled The White House Cook Book was published in 1887 and listed turkey as one of the main dishes. And, it stuck!

turkey dinner

In fact, turkey is now so popular at Thanksgiving that many people refer to it as “Turkey Day.”

Now that you have a little history on turkeys and Thanksgiving, please enjoy these free printable turkey coloring pages.

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Turkey Coloring Pages

In this assortment of free coloring pictures of turkeys, you will find:

  1. simple turkey coloring page with ‘gobble gobble’ on it, perfect for little ones
  2. turkey coloring page with mushrooms and leaves
  3. cute turkey coloring page with acorns
  4. Happy Thankgiving turkey coloring page
  5. another preschool turkey coloring page, with an uncomplicated simple drawing
  6. and much more!



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