You’ve Got This Math is one of the premiere teacher-founded websites and TeachersPayTeachers store. Originally started by Rachel C, a new era is underway with Lisa L, a former teacher and now public education lobbyist.

So, grab a cup of whatever you indulge in, and poke around…. there’s a lot to see and print here.


You want each and every child to be successful mathematicians, and you feel the burden of that responsibility.

 You desire for them to have a strong number sense, fraction sense, or decimal sense, but all your students come to you on different levels with different backgrounds. 

You believe that learning should be hands-on and fun, but it takes so much time and effort to find those activities. 

In the words of this site’s founder:

I believe every teacher can develop number sense

with hands-on and differentiated lessons.

And just see what teachers are saying!

“I love the stuff you are putting out on your site. I teach 10 – 11 year olds and I always look at your site as you give out different ways of teaching. “ Margaret

“Rachel, you are my go-to for center activities.” Tracey


Imagine having children that are engaged during your math time. Imagine having the peace of mind that you are doing the very best that you can for each of the children in your classroom.

You have differentiated activities, lessons that model math, and games to reinforce skills already taught. And when you walk away from your math time, you know that you have laid a strong math foundation for each and every child. 

When you become part of the You’ve Got This Math community you will get hands-on, differentiated activities that will build number sense in your students.

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Rachel’s Story

I was sitting in a college class on how to teach math and the light bulb came on. As we “played” with base ten blocks I suddenly understood subtraction with regrouping.

For years, I could work the problem but I never understood why I was crossing out numbers and adding little ones. At 21, I finally understood why. And I became determined to help each of my students develop this understanding too.

I began researching how to build number sense, and I learned that there was more than one way to solve problems and numerous hands-on methods to help children visualize math. 

And through all this, I found myself enjoying math for the first time EVER. Surprise, I could even do mental math. And as I became more successful in my understanding of place values and all the different ways to teach it,  my students began to succeed too….even when my room was filled with children that needed extra support.

I discovered that when I allowed children to explore, play with, and work problems out in ways that made sense to them, they could develop a strong number sense. 

I know you want to build number sense in your students, and I can help you!

“Thank you so much for your amazing resources.” Nicole

“ I love your games and insights!”