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FREE Adding and Subtracting Decimal Worksheet

With this adding and subtracting decimal worksheet your children can practice finding which decimal comes next in a pattern. They can even color while solving!! Yesterday morning I walked outside, and a smile immediately hit my face. Instead of the suffocating heat, I’m used to...
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FREE Spring Flower 3D Shape Sort

Your little ones will love this 3d shape sort. Children will make flowers by sorting pictures of real life 3d shapes. April showers bring May flowers. Well, this April we have certainly had our fair share of showers, and the flowers are blooming. It is...
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FREE Hands-On Subtracting Decimals Word Problems

Your students will have fun solving subtraction decimal word problems. They are hands-on and will help our visual learners be successful. It is time for some new word problems that focus on subtracting decimals. These interactive, hands-on word problems are a fun way to visualize...
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