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15+ Free Polygon Worksheets PDF | 8 Interactive Methods

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In these free polygon worksheets PDF, we will learn about the different properties of polygons. Also, there are some free interactive practice problems worksheet PDFs from where you can gather skills.

20+ Free Polygon Worksheets for Practice

We have given 9 free polygon worksheet PDFs for your practice where 20+ free pages are attached. These interactive worksheets will help the students to earn basic skills in the realm of geometry.

polygon worksheet

Colouring the Polygon

Worksheet #1

Classifying Polygons

Worksheet #2

Cut and Paste

Worksheet #3

Finding Perimeter

Worksheet #4

Apothem of Polygon

Worksheet #5

Estimating Area

Worksheet #6

Interior Angles

Worksheet #7

Exterior Angles

Worksheet #8

Finding Unknown Sides

Worksheet #9

Identifying Polygon with Charts

As we said, polygons are enclosed shapes bounded by multiple sides. For different polygons the number of sides is different. Suppose, a polygon has three sides then it is called a triangle whereas a polygon having 5 sides is named a pentagon. The sum of the interior angles is also varied with the sides.

Look at the below image carefully to become familiar with different polygons. This chart will help you to get better visualization.

1-polygon worksheets pdf

Identifying and Coloring the Polygon

We have colored various polygons differently in this worksheet. You need to color the given polygons with the color we provided in the sheet.

Here is the polygon worksheet PDF where you need to color the polygons.

Classify Polygons of Different Shapes

Polygons have their own class regarding their shape, size, and angles. If a boundary is open in one or many places then it will not be a polygon. A polygon has a closed boundary around itself. The description is right below.

Regular: Here the sides are all equal.

Irregular: The sides are not equal. The closed boundary with different-sized arms conducts an irregular polygon.

Convex: if all the interior angles are smaller than 180° then it is called the convex polygon.

Concave: Here, at least one interior angle is greater than 180°.

Now, it’s your turn. Find out the shapes from the below polygon worksheets PDF.

Polygon Vs Non-Polygon with Cut and Paste

In this polygon worksheet PDF, you need to identify whether it is a polygon or not. Cut the shape with scissors and paste it into the box. Show them to your teacher.

Finding Perimeter of Polygon Worksheet

Perimeter is the total boundary of a shape. For polygons, estimating the perimeter is an easy task. You need to find out the number of sides and multiply it by the length of the regular polygon.


The perimeter of a polygon = Number of sides x Side length.

In the case of an irregular polygon, the sum of the length of the total sides is the perimeter. Practice the perimeter from the below polygon worksheets PDF.

Apothem from Polygon Worksheet

The apothem is the vertical distance from the center to any of the sides.

Before calculating the apothem, you need to calculate the area or the area has to be known before finding the apothem.

The area of a polygon = ½ x apothem x perimeter.

So, Apothem = (2 x area)/perimeter.

Let’s see a problem with the solution for your better understanding.

2-Finding the apothem

Here is the polygon worksheet PDF for finding the apothem.

Formula of the Area of Polygon and Practice Sheet

As we said earlier,

The area of a polygon = ½ x apothem x perimeter.

The perimeter is the product of the number of sides and the length of each side. On the other side, the apothem is the distance from the center to each side.

Look at this below problem carefully where we also solve the problem.

3-finding the area of polygon

Now, it’s time for your practice. Practice the area of these polygons from the polygon worksheet PDF. Happy learning!

Determining Angle in Polygon with Formula and Example

There are two kinds of angles in a polygon. One is the interior angle and the other is the exterior angle. The summation of the total exterior angles is 360𝆩. So if you need to find out each exterior angle then divide the 360𝆩 by the number of sides.

Exterior angles = Sum of the angles/ number of sides

The sum of the interior angles is the result of the total angles inside the boundary.

The sum of the interior angles = (Number of sides – 2) x 180𝆩

We solved a problem here for your clear concept.

4-Determine angles in polygon

Finding the Sum Interior Angle of the Polygon

Here is the polygon worksheet PDF for estimating the sum of the interior angles.

Finding the Exterior Angle of the Polygon

Also, we have given some problems regarding the exterior angles calculation. Find the exterior angles from the polygon worksheet PDF.

Finding Unknown Sides of Polygon Worksheet PDF

Calculating the missing sides of a shape is fun. Follow our solution for finding the unknown sides of a polygon.

5-finding unknow sides of a polygon

Here is the polygon worksheet PDF for finding the unknown sides of a polygon.

Download Practice Worksheet PDF

So, in this polygon worksheet PDF, we have discussed different properties like area, apothem, perimeter, and interior and exterior angles of a polygon. Hope, these free printable worksheets will help the students of grades 3-5 to obtain geometrical skills. Please download the worksheet PDF for practice.

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