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10 Scalene Triangle Examples in Real Life | Free Task Cards

We can see different geometrical shapes in real life. Like- our phones, laptop screens, books, and notepads are good examples of rectangular or square shapes, we see the moon or sun in a round shape, and we can see triangle shapes in bridge trusses, boat sails, etc. Isn’t it exciting? Among all of them, I will show 10 scalene triangle examples in real life in this article.

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All triangles can be divided into three groups based on the length of their sides. Like- equilateral, isoscele and scalene triangles. Our today’s topic is to show 10 scalene triangle examples in real life. We know that every triangle has three sides.

A scalene triangle has three sides with different measures. The angles in this triangle are also not equal. A scalene triangle lacks any lines of symmetry due to its asymmetrical shape. As long as all three sides are uneven, scalene triangles can be any size and shape. Scalene triangles are common in the real world. Let’s have a look at how many applications we can find as scalene triangle examples.

Scalene Triangle Definition with Identification

A triangle having three uneven sides and three unequal angles is known as a scalene triangle. It is not like an isosceles triangle, which has two equal sides, and an equilateral triangle, which has three equal sides and three equal angles. No two angles in a scalene triangle are equal since the angles across from the sides are also different from one another.

As long as all three sides are uneven, scalene triangles can be any size and shape. They can be obtuse, where one angle is larger than 90 degrees, or acute, where all three angles are less than 90 degrees. If the three sides of a right triangle are different lengths, the triangle can also be scalene.

a scalene triangle with three unven sides

Properties of a Scalene Triangle

  • The scalene triangle’s sides are all not equal.
  • The scalene triangle has an uneven distribution of angles.
  • There is no line of symmetry since it lacks equal sides.
  • It lacks a symmetry point.
  • An acute angle, an obtuse angle, or a right angle triangle can all be scalene triangles.
  • The formula for the area of a scalene triangle is:

Area of a scalene triangle.

Now, if the 3 sides of a scalene triangle are 10, 6, 12 unit. then what will be the area of the scalene triangle?


Here, a=10, b=6, and c=12.

So, s=  (10+6+12)/2 = 14

Now, area, A= (14 x (14-10) x (14-6) x (14-12))^1/2

Therefore, A = 29.93 square units.

10 Examples of Scalene Triangle in Real Life

Here I will show you several examples of the scalene triangle from our everyday life. You will find interest surely after reading the examples. Let’s start one by one.

Roof Trusses with Scalene Triangle

Roof trusses are often made of wood or steel bars. The shapes of the roof trusses are commonly a scalene triangle. The roof trusses are used to support the roof and distribute the forces evenly to ensure more strength of the roof. In the following picture, you can get a close view of a scalene triangle shape in a roof truss.

Roof truss in scalene triangle examples in real life          

Sails on Boats with Scalene Triangle

Sailing boats frequently have sails in the scalene triangle design. The sails have different lengths on their sides. There are also different measures for the angles between the sides. The sails help to maneuver the boats easily through action and reaction.

Sails on boats as scalene triangle examples in real life          

Scalene Triangles in Ramps with Scalene Triangle

Do you ever move heavy boxes or luggage? Or, have you ever done skateboarding? In both of these activities, you need to use an inclined path or ramps. A surface that makes it easy to push or pull heavy things is provided by the inclined plane of the ramp. This whole structure is a good example of scalene triangles in our everyday life. You can see all the sides of the shape has different lengths.

Ramps as scalene triangle examples in real life          

Cranes with Scalene Triangles

Cranes are very important equipment for lifting heavy objects on construction sites. The crane’s construction is strengthened by the scalene triangular shape, enabling it to carry heavy objects. The crane can reach longer due to the triangle’s long end. When the crane is lifting anything on the longer side, the shorter side of the triangle serves as a counterbalance.

Cranes as scalene triangle examples in real life          

Bridge Trusses with Scalene Triangle

Bridge trusses are used to give extra strength to the bridge structures. It distributes the force and increases strength. Scalene triangles are used in a bridge truss. Scalene triangles have grown in popularity in modern bridges despite other forms of triangles being used for truss bridges. Right-angled scalene triangles are common in modern bridges.

Bridge trusses as scalene triangle examples in real life          

In a Bicycle with Scalene Triangle

Do you have a bicycle? Do you love cycling? Surely, you have seen a bicycle several times in your everyday life. Do you ever take a close look at a bicycle? You will be amazed to see that there is a scalene triangle in the structure of a bicycle. Actually, this is a common structure of a bicycle. Look at the following picture.

Bicycles as scalene triangle examples in real life          

Triangle Gates with Scalene Triangle

In some commercial triangle gates, you can see scalene triangles. This structure is lightly weighted. Moreover, it is easy to manipulate. These gates are suitable for small places. These are typical elements in public parking lots, like those at malls.

Triangles with gates as scalene triangle examples in real life          

Scalene Triangles in Slides

Do you love to slide in a slider? Do you ever think that there is a scalene triangle? The slider, the ladder, and the ground make a scalene triangle. You can see that every length of the slider is different. So this is another example.

Sliders as scalene triangle examples in real life          

Auto Frames with Scalene Triangles

Auto frames frequently contain scalene triangles as well. These triangles are employed to build strong, rigid buildings capable of withstanding external forces like wind or impacts from tangible items. Also, they aid in distributing weight across the vehicle’s frame more evenly. Several scalene triangles can be seen in the roll cage of a race car.

Auto Frames as scalene triangle examples in real life          

Stair Banisters with Scalene Triangle

The purpose of stair banisters is to make climbing and descending stairs secure. These balusters frequently create a scalene triangle because they follow the stairway’s gradient.

stair banisters as scalene triangle examples in real life          

Download the Free Worksheet PDF

Download the following worksheet pdf to practice more about the shape of a scalene triangle. Surely, you will love the activities. If you have any kind of questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section. Have fun with the worksheet.


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