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9 Free Multiplication and Division Fact Families Worksheets

These multiplication and division fact families worksheets will help to visualize and understand multiplication and division fact families and number systems. 3rd grade students will learn basic multiplication and division using fact families and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable multiplication and division fact families worksheets.

9 Exciting Multiplication and Division Fact Families Worksheets

Please download the following fact family worksheets and practice multiplication and division on the pages.

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Completing Facts

Worksheet #1

Fill the Gaps

Worksheet #2

Number Bond

Worksheet #3

Fact Family Street

Worksheet #4

Fact Family Array

Worksheet #5

Finding Product or Factor

Worksheet #6

Fact Family Sorting

Worksheet #7

Triangle and Circle

Worksheet #8

Word Problems

Worksheet #9

Introduction to Multiplication and Division Fact Families

Multiplication and division are fun things to do. We apply the basics of multiplication when we need to do some repeated additions. And to sort or arrange something in smaller groups, we use division.

Before jumping on to the main activities, we will first learn what a fact family is. Look at the word fact family. We know that a family is a group of members who have some relations among them.

The same condition applies to the members of a fact family. In a fact family, we will see some relationships form among the three numbers. These relationships can be formed based on either addition and subtraction or multiplication and division.

The three numbers that are assigned in a multiplication and division fact family will have two relationships for multiplication and two relationships for division.

For example, in a conference, 16 people sit in eight chairs, which are sorted into 2 groups. From the above information, we can form four relationships, which are,

8 x 2 = 16

2 x 8 = 16

16 ÷ 2 = 8

16 ÷ 8 = 2

We can also explain the multiplication and division fact families using a part-part-whole theory. In this explanation, 16 will be the whole number, and 8 and 2 will be its two parts. When we multiply the two parts by each other, we will get the whole number.

On the other hand, if we divide the whole number by any of the parts, then we will get the other part as the result. 

Representation of Multiplication and Division Fact Family

Completing Facts Worksheets

 In the following worksheet, you will find three numbers given in each triangle. The number in the upper axis is the product or the whole, and its two parts are given at the base axes.

Your job is to find the multiplication and division relationship between the product, or the whole, and its two parts, or factors. Read the discussion at the beginning of this article if you become confused about how to find all the relationships.

Fill Missing Numbers of Fact Family Worksheets

In this worksheet, you will see several multiplication and division fact family bubbles. All these bubbles are made with the basic facts for the numbers 2-12.

But you can notice that some of the bubbles are incomplete. Find the missing factors or the products of that bubble and write them down to fill up the empty places.

Number Bond Fact Family Worksheets

A number bond is another great activity to practice multiplication and division fact family worksheets.

  • Here, the product of multiplication is placed in the middle of the number bond. And around the product, you can see some empty spaces.
  • Count the number of empty spaces, which is the first factor of the product.
  • Divide the product by that factor, and the result is the second factor or the second part of the product.
  • Write the result to fill all the empty spaces around the product.
  • In case you have to determine the product, then count the number of spaces around the empty product, and this time multiply the number of spaces with the number given inside them.
  • That way, you will find the product instantly.

Street Made of Fact Family Worksheet

We have made a whole street with some fact families. All the buildings in the street represent a certain fact family. Applying the techniques discussed in the above sections, complete the empty spaces of all the buildings to make them usable for living.

Fact Family of Arrays Worksheets

In this discussion, we will practice multiplication and division fact families of arrays. Multiplication and division arrays are the sequenced or planned arrangements of some rows and columns that will lead to multiplication and division equations. What do you have to do on these worksheets?

  • First, inspect the arrays carefully and count all the items in the array that will be the product.
  • Count the number of rows and columns, and these will be the two factors of the product.
  • Then, form the multiplication and division equations with those numbers.

Fact Family Finding Products or Factors Worksheet

Another simple multiplication and division fact family activity. Some rectangles are given on each page of the following worksheet. Each rectangle consists of three rooms, where the bigger room is for the product or the whole and the smaller two rooms are for its parts or factors.

Find the missing products or factors as per the problems and write down all the missing numbers to fill the rooms.

Fact Family Sorting Worksheet

Some sets of numbers are given in the following worksheet. Observe those numbers carefully and try to figure out the multiplication and division relations between them.

That means you have to find if all the numbers of a set are from a single fact family or not. Go through all the sets to find that. Then sort them into the table provided in the worksheet as per instruction.

Fact Family Triangle and Circle Worksheets

This activity of today’s discussion will be filling in missing products and factors in some multiplication and division fact family triangles and circles. See the given numbers in each of the shapes and figure out what you have to find.

The product or the factors. Then, using multiplication or division as required, find all the missing numbers.

Simple Word Problems with Multiplication and Division Fact Families

In our last activity, we will solve some simple word problems regarding multiplication and division fact families. Here, after reading each word problem carefully, you have to find the fact families for the given factors and solve the problem.

Download Free PDF Worksheets

Download the following combined PDF and enjoy your practice session.

So today, we’ve discussed multiplication and division fact families worksheets using the concepts of multiplication and division, facts of numbers 1-12, and some interactive activities like filling gaps, number bonds, finding products, fact family street, word problems, etc. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of multiplication and division fact families.

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