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80+ Multi Digit Addition Word Problems | Free Worksheet

This article will give you multi digit addition word problems for grade 1-5 students. The PDF attached to this article will provide you with worksheets for word problems containing multi digit addition. We know that there are four basic operations in mathematics. They are- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Among four of them, we will work on addition word problems.

5 Interactive Worksheets for Multi Digit Addition Word Problems

Please download the following worksheets and practice with your children.

Multi Digit Addition Word Problems

2 Digit Addition

Worksheet #1

Addition Regrouping

Worksheet #2

Triple Digit Addition

Worksheet #3

5 Digit Addition

Worksheet #4

Theme Based Addition

Worksheet #5

In real life, you need to work with multi digits. Multi-digit numbers are those that have more than one digit in mathematics. They consist of two or more digits, with each digit’s value depending on where it is in the number. A digit’s place value is determined by its position within a multi-digit number; the rightmost digit represents the units place, the next digit to the left represents the tens place, and so on.

The problematic section of the question is made harder by word problems. Hence, while resolving issues, pay close attention. Try to determine what is required in the word problem by carefully reading the problems out loud.

what will be the summation of these two numbers

Our children from grades 1-5, especially children from 4th grade to 5th grade, will be able to learn basic mathematics very quickly and interactively with the help of these multi digit addition word problems. These methods should assist your young champ in learning the basics of mathematical operation learning and laying a solid foundation.

  1. Funny 2 Digit Addition
  2. Addition Regrouping
  3. Triple Digit Addition with 2 Digits
  4. Is 5 Digit addition with 4 Digit Hard?
  5. Theme Based Multi Digit Addition

2 Digit Addition Fun

This activity is for the grade 1 kiddos. So children from higher grades will find this activity comparatively easier than other activities.

Problem: If you have 11 balls and your friend has 10 balls, how many balls do you have together?

Solution: Look, this is a simple problem with a two digit addition. Let’s solve it step by step.

  • First look at the numbers. Extract them from the word problem.
  • To get the total number of balls, you need to add the numbers.
  • So the expression will be 11+10.
  • Write down the numbers carefully. Maintain the column of the numbers.
  • Now add them.
  • So you will find the total number of balls. The number is 21.

2 digit addition in multi digit addition word problems        

Addition Regrouping

In addition, regrouping is a basic idea for students when they add two numbers. Another name for this regrouping is “Carry Over”. An addition problem may have regrouping or not. Let’s consider both of the situations.

With Regrouping

Problem: Jack has 27 balloons and his sister Jerin has 19 balloons. How many balloons do they have together?


  • First, extract the numbers from the word problem.
  • You need to add 27 to 19 to get the total number of balloons.
  • Write down the numbers 27 and 19 in a column.
  • First add the ones place numbers 7 and 9. You will get 16. Write down the 6 in the ones place of summation.
  • Now, you have a carry 1. You add this carry to the tens place.
  • You have 2 and 1 at the tens place. Add them. Then add the carry with it. You will get the number 4
  • Write down the number in the tens place of the summation.
  • Finally, you get the result 46.

Addition with regrouping in multi digit addition word problems            

Without Regrouping

Problem: You have 15 pencils and 12 erasers. How many pencils and erasers do you have together?


  • You need to add the numbers to get the total number of pencils and erasers.
  • Write down the numbers 15 and 12 in a column.
  • Add the ones place numbers first.
  • Then add the tens place numbers.
  • You will get the total number is 27.

Addition without regrouping in multi digit addition word problems        

Triple Digit Addition with 2 Digits

Problem: A children’s choir has 163 girls and 31 boys. What is the total strength of the children’s choir?


  • First, extract the numbers from the word problem and write them down column by column. Here the numbers are 163 and 31.
  • After that, sum up the one’s place. Then do the same for ten’s place and hundred’s place respectively.
  • Finally, you will get the result 194.

triple Digit addition with 2 digits multi digit addition word problems        

Is 5 Digit Addition with 4 Digit Hard?

Here is a problem with adding 5 digits with 4 digits. This problem is for 4th grade and 5th grade students. Hopefully, your kiddos will find interest in the problems.

Problem: Let you have 25128 pens in 200 boxes. You want to buy another 2245 pens for your new collection. Calculate the total number of pens.


  • Write down the numbers 25128 and 2245 in a column. Be careful while writing the numbers.
  • Sum up the one’s place first. You will get 13. Write down the 3 in one’s place and take the 1 as carry.
  • Then sum up the ten’s place number and add the carry. Respectively sum up the hundred and thousands place numbers one by one in the same way.
  • Finally, you will get the result 27373.

5 digit addition with 4 digits in multi digit addition word problems      

Theme Based Multi Digit Addition

Problem: Suppose you have your birthday today. You have invited your relatives and friends. You have 34 friends and 22 relatives. From your friends, you have received 18 gifts and from your relatives, you have received 12 gifts. Among all the gifts, there are 22 storybooks and 25 pencils. Again, you have also get 500 dollars from one person and 225 dollars from another person as a gift.

  • How many guests have come to your birthday party?
  • How many gifts did you get from your guests?
  • How many storybooks and pencils did you receive at the party?
  • How much money did you receive as a gift?


  1. Total guests = 34+22 = 56
  2. Total gifts = 18+12 = 30
  3. Total storybooks and pencils = 22+25 = 47
  4. Total dollars = 500+225 = 725.

Theme based word problems        

Download Free Printable PDF with Worksheets

Please download the following pdf with worksheets for grade 1-5, especially for grade 4 and grade 5 students.

You will see every approach for solving word problems containing multy digit addition word problems. I’m hoping that these activities will assist you and your children create a conducive environment for learning simple mathematical operations. I hope the entire activity will be fun for your kids. Please feel free to leave any nice remarks and recommendations for us in the comment area.

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