9 Times Table Chart | 6 Free Printable Worksheets

These free 9 times table chart will help to visualize and understand multiplication and number systems. 1st Grade Students will learn basic multiplication methods and can improve their basic math skills with our free printable worksheets on 9 times table chart.

6 Free 9 Times Table Chart Worksheets

Download the following worksheets for more practice.

9 Times Table Chart

Count & Color

Worksheet #1

Match the Product

Worksheet #2

Count the Dots

Worksheet #3

Circle the Answer

Worksheet #4

Fill in the Blanks

Worksheet #5

Word Problems

Worksheet #6

9 Times Table Multiplication Chart

Here, I will show 9 times table chart in two segments. The first one will show a 9x multiplication table multiplied up to 10 and the second one is multiplied up to 20.

9 times table display chart

9 Times Table Chart Multiplied Up to 10

Let’s have a look at the following 9 times multiplication chart, multiplied up to 10.

9 times table chart multiplied up to 10

9 Times Table Chart Multiplied Up to 20

Here you will find another chart of 9 times multiplication up to 20.

9 times table chart multiplied up to 20

7 Tips and Tricks to Learn the 9 Times Table

You should study multiplication in preschool or in grades 1-3 because it is a fundamental mathematical process. Go through this portion carefully.

View, Read Aloud, and Repeat the 9 Times Table Chart

Your first job is to get familiar with the table. So, you need to view the whole 9x multiplication chart. After you have a clear idea about the charts, read them aloud. You may read the chart like a song. It will add more fun. Then, repeat the whole process, view – read aloud – repeat. This will help you to become familiar with the 9 times table chart.

View, read aloud and repeat to learn 9 times table chart

The Digits of the Products in the 9x Multiplication Table Add Up to 9

The numbers in the products of the table of nine add up to nine if you look at the 9 times table chart above. This is a fantastic technique for determining whether a number is in the multiplication 9x multiplication table. All you have to do is see if the number’s digits add up to 9. The sum of the digits in multiples of 9 up to 90 is always 9. Here are a few examples to help your understanding.

The digits of products adding up to 9 in 9 times table chart learning

Spot the Underlying Pattern in the 9x Multiplication Chart

Here is a clever way to memorize the multiplication table for nine. The table of nine’s products has a neat pattern. 

Let’s examine the above 9 times table chart. Look at the numbers in the ones and tens columns. The number in the ones column decreases by one each time you move to the next line. Additionally, the number rises by 1 in the ten’s column.

Spotting the pattern to learn 9 times table chart

The Sequence of Numbers in the Table of 9

Check out the table up there. The tens column in the nine times table has numbers in the following order: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Additionally, the numbers in the ones column are arranged in reverse order: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0.

Finding sequence of numbers in the 9 times table chart

9 Times Table Finger Trick

Here is a helpful tip for learning the multiplication table for 9 rapidly. Spread your fingers out and place both of your palms on the table. Your fingers should be numbered from 1 to 10. Let’s see what will be the product of the 9 x 6.

Start by counting your fingers.

Next, fold the seventh finger. Your tens are now the open fingers on the left, and your ones are the open fingers on the right. To the left of the folded finger, count how many fingers there are. Next, determine how many fingers are to the right of the folded finger.

There are 5 fingers to the folded finger’s left and 4 fingers to the folded finger’s right. 54 is the answer to the 9 X 6 equation.

Finger trick to find 9s products

Subtracting from 10 to Learn the 9 Multiplication Table

This trick is a unique idea. Let’s see the procedure with an example.

Subtracting from 10 to learn 9x table

Practice in Shuffled 9x Table

All the tips and tricks are given in the previous paragraphs. Now, practice the tips in the shuffled table given below.

Practice in shuffled 9 times multiplication table

6 Fun Activities to Learn and Practice 9 Times Table

Our kids may learn the fundamentals of mathematics quickly and actively with the aid of these 9 times table charts in PDF format. Download, read, and practice.

Count the 9s Product and Color by Number Using 9 Times Table Chart

As you can see, the numbers in our table range from 1 to 100. Give students the assignment of finding the 9s item. Once they have discovered the 9s item, they will color the box containing the specified number of 9s products. Use light colors to decorate the box, such as yellow, pink, indigo, etc.


Match 9 Times Multiplication Product Using 9 Times Table Chart

To locate its products, your first- or second-graders will need to multiply the supplied data. They might use the 9x multiplication table to get the items. You’ll see that the worksheet also includes the products of the expressions, but their placements are incorrect. The objective of this exercise is to draw a line that represents the result of the expression.


Count the dots and Find the 9x Multiplication Expression 

You can see dice-generated dots in this area. Each die contains 9 dots. As products, total dot numbers are provided. To obtain the product, locate the two multiplicands of that product. 


Circle Your Answers on the Number Line Using 9 Times Table Chart

Here you are provided with a number line. Your main job is to round the number which is a 9s product. You can find the 9s products from the 9x multiplication charts. Enjoy the game.


Fill in the Blanks Using 9 Times Table Chart 

Instructions on where to find the multiplicand that needs to be multiplied by 9 to get the product should be given to your child. The missing number can be obtained by multiplying the result by 9. You can also use the multiplication table nine times for practice. 


9 Times Word Problems

As you can see, we have described problems regarding 9 times table chart. Here are some word problems given for you to practice more and develop your multiplication skill.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 9 times table?

The 9 times table is given below.

9 × 1 = 9

9 × 2 = 18

9 × 3 = 27

9 × 4 = 36

9 × 5 = 45

9 × 6 = 54

9 × 7 = 63

9 × 8 = 72

9 × 9 = 81

9 × 10 = 90

What is 9 Times Table in words?

9 times table in words is as follows:
9 times 1 is equal to 9
9 times 2 is equal to 18
9 times 3 is equal to 27
9 times 4 is equal to 36
9 times 5 is equal to 45
9 times 6 is equal to 54
9 times 7 is equal to 63
9 times 8 is equal to 72
9 times 9 is equal to 81
9 times 10 is equal to 90

Download the Worksheet PDF

Download the following combined PDF and practice more.


We’ve discussed multiplication with 9 times tables charts using the concepts of counting the 9s product, matching the product, counting the dots, finding the answers, filling in the blanks, and solving word problems. Download our free worksheets, and after practicing these worksheets, students will surely improve their mathematical skills and have a better understanding of multiplication.

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