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Visual Fraction Model | Clip Cards to Assess Fraction Sense | Free Printable

Visual Fraction Model

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These free visual fraction model clip cards are a great way to assess children’s knowledge of fractions, numerators, denominators, and their fraction sense.

A look of confusion sets in again. And I know what he is thinking. Does the top or bottom number tell me how many parts make up a whole? Or is it the top?

Simple things like this get my middle child confused and are always my clue that he needs more exposure to this concept.

It is time to once again play our fidgit spinner game, go back to playing with pattern blocks that focus on numerators and denominators, or even go back to one of our favorite books fraction books, “Full House” and the craft that goes with it.

Visual fraction model clip cards on a wooden table.

Fraction Model

Or check out this series that Math Geek Mama and I did. It will help you learn how to use visual fraction models to develop fraction sense.

Once we have played and reviewed and played some more, the looks of frustration finally disappear. And now it is time for a fun assessment! Clip Cards!!!

Visual fraction model clip cards on a wooden table with a clothespin.

Fraction Cards

These clip cards require very little prep work.

  1. First, print off on card stock paper
  2. Cut them out…..and laminate them if you plan on using them over and over.
  3. Grab some clothespins, and you are ready to go.
Visual fraction model clip cards on a wooden table with a clothespin.

How to Use Visual Fraction Model Clip Cards

Simply have the children look at the fraction on the clip card, and then place a clip on the model that matches.

Once they have finished, see how your little ones did.

If they got them all right….awesome.

If they have some wrong,…then ask them why they choose that answer. Hopefully, their answer will give you some knowledge to understand where there is a disconnect.

Then it is time to backtrack and fix the problem.

Clip cards sure beat a pencil and paper test, but can clearly show whether or not our little ones understand fractions.

So grab your clips and check out all that your children have learned.

Fraction Cards Printable

Below are the free visual fraction model clip cards. You can download them by clicking on the download button and it should appear in your download folder on your device.

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