How to Practice Telling Time With A Fun, Easy Game

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How to Practice Telling Time With A Fun, Easy Game

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“Let’s try jumping in again in five minutes,” I encouraged my oldest.

He glanced at the large clock leaning against the pool gate, “Ok that would be at….which hand tells the hour again?”

Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I wanted to hit my head on the side of the pool, but then I realized we haven’t practiced telling time in awhile and it is one of those concepts that just slips away when not used regularly.

So this is a perfect opportunity for a telling time game, right?

Even when we are not formally doing school, games are a great way to practice those math skills that need to be reviewed. I keep them in separate accordion file folders by subject. When it is time to play the game I grab a file folder and let them choose from that folder. This way they are getting to choose a game, but I’m getting some say in what we are practicing.

Anyway, I decided on a game like Connect Four. They love this game and pull it out quite often. Though I know part of the fun is sliding the checkers in the little holes, the also like the strategy involved since it is a little more complex than a game of tic-tac-toe.

*This post contains affiliates from Amazon and other bloggers.

What do you need for this Telling Time Game?

The game is very simple to prepare and only requires a few items.

To prep, print off the printable using the link at the bottom of the page, and then cut out the game cards.

Grab you a handful of counters, pattern blocks, checkers, or legos and let your kiddos choose a color.

You are ready to go!!!!

How to play?

Spread out the game cards on the table in front of your child or students and decide who goes first.

Player one decides which space he wants to place his marker, and then reads the time on the analog clock. Next, he/she must find the game card that matches the analog clock that was just read.


When the match is found, the player may then cover up the analog clock.

What happens if one of your little ones chooses the wrong game card? Well, my rule is that whatever clock matches the game card you picked up is the analog clock you have to cover up. This mistake could cause a child to lose a game, so you can decide what your rule is. If your child is very sensitive about losing, you may want to adjust the rules.

The game ends when one player has four in a row or when all the spaces are filled in.

So go ahead and grab your free telling time game and hopefully you won’t be hearing, “Which hand is the hour hand?”


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How to Practice Telling Time With A Fun, Easy Game

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How to Practice Telling Time With A Fun, Easy Game

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