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5 Free St. Patrick’s Day Fraction Math Worksheets

Glorious St Patrick’s Day is coming!

So, in this article on St. Patrick’s Day Fraction Math, you will get some fun ideas to engage your children in holiday activities.

5 Exciting Practicing St. Patrick’s Day Fraction Math Worksheets 

Selecting a technique is important when engaging in these activities of St. Patrick’s Day Fraction Math with our kids. If we already have a math lover, the exercises may lead to more in-depth discussions.

Regardless of how we approach it, the below-listed activities will make fractions more engaging and valuable.

St. Patrick's Day Fraction Math

Color by Fraction

Worksheet #1

Division and Multiplication

Worksheet #2

Word Problems

Worksheet #3

Treasure Hunt Game

Worksheet #4

Solving Puzzle

Worksheet #5

Color the Rainbow

  • Gather all the kids and give them a worksheet.
  • Then, read the instructions. Every student will start the calculation according to the question. 
  • Here, the denominators of the fractions are different.
  • We need to find the common denominator both for addition and subtraction.
  • First, multiply the numerator and denominator both with the opposite fraction.
  • After getting the new fractions that denominators are the same we will add or subtract the fractions.
  • Color the rainbow according to the answers.

using rainbow to learn St Patrick's Day Fraction Math

Let’s Get the Lucky Charm by Multiplication and Division!

Students need to solve multiplication and division to get the lucky charm.

  • First, give them the worksheet and instruct them carefully.
  • After that, they need to solve the question.
  • If they get multiplication, they will multiply all the numerators first and then the denominators altogether.
  • If necessary, they will simply the fraction and it will be the answer.
  • Next, they solve division by doing the following 3 steps.
  • Transform the divisor into a reciprocal by flipping it.
  • Multiply after changing the division sign to a multiplication symbol.
  • Simplify your answer if possible.

using multiplication and division to learn St Patrick's Day Fraction Math

Word Problem with Fraction

Teachers or parents can give some task cards to the students to solve the word problems shown in the photo. It’s a meaningful way to solve math problems while also keeping them entertained.

using word problem to learn St Patrick's Day Fraction Math

Treasure Hunt Game

Everyone enjoys playing “treasure hunts.”

  • The students will be given a fraction which will be the clue for their treasure hunt game. And the key fraction of the treasure box is 2/3. 
  • First, they add the given fraction with the clue.
  • After that, the result will be subtracted from the second clue.
  • In the thirst step, they will multiply the previous result and the clue.
  • Lastly, they will divide the previous fraction with the clue.
  • So if one student does all four steps correctly, he will find the key fraction and will be the winner. 

playing treasure hunt game to learn St Patrick's Day Fraction Math

Solve the Puzzle 

This method is the same as the previous method. You will solve the problems according to the clues and get the coins.

fraction math

Download Free Printable Worksheet

Math is so much fun when kids are creating, painting, and exploring it.

Use these fun activities as you look for free worksheets on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on St. Patrick’s Day.

Download this free PDF and enjoy it with your child.

Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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