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Free Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Word Problems Worksheets


This article will show you the multiplying and dividing fractions word problems worksheets. After reading this article, you will be able to know the procedure of multiplying and dividing fractions with some fundamental word problems.

There are four basic mathematical operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Fractions are also common phenomena in mathematical operations. Multiplying and dividing fractions are quite tricky parts of math for 6th-grade or 7th-grade students.

Students should be careful when they perform this kind of calculation to solve problems. Word problems make the tricky part of the question tougher. So, have e total attentiveness while solving problems.

Read out the problems carefully and try to make out what is needed in the word problem. The attached pdf with this article will provide worksheets for the 6th-grade and 7th-grade students.

finding the product of multiplying and dividing fractions word problems worksheet

Step by Step Solution of a Word Problem for Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

With the aid of these multiplying and dividing fractions word problems worksheets pdf, our kids will be able to master fundamental mathematics quickly and actively. These methods are quite effective. These techniques ought to help your young champion create a strong foundation by teaching them the fundamentals of mathematical operation learning. Follow the detailed instructions provided below for the worksheets on word problems of multiplying and dividing fractions.


A restaurant brought 5 ⅓ pounds of flour. They needed to spend 25 ⅔ dollars in total for buying that amount of flour. How many dollars were spent for one unit of flour?

Step 1: Point out the Fractions

In this step, point out the fractions. Here, the amount of flour is 5 ⅓ pounds and cost is 25 ⅔ dollars.

Step 2: Change the Mixed Fraction into Improper Fractions

Change the mixed fractions into improper fractions here. First, multiply the denominator by the whole number and then add the product to the numerator. You will get the improper fractions: 5 ⅓ = 16/3 and 25 ⅔ = 77/3

Step 3: Get the Unit Cost

Divide the total cost by the total amount of flour. You will find the unit cost here. Therefore, 77/3 / 16/3 After flipping, 77/3 x 3/16 = 77/16 = 4 13/16. So the unit cost is 4 13/16.

step by step procedure of solving the multiplying and dividing fractions word problems worksheets

Download Free PDF Worksheet

Please download the following pdf with worksheets for 6th and 7th-grade students.


You will see every approach for solving word problems containing multiplying and dividing fractions word problems worksheets in this tutorial. I’m hoping that these activities will assist you and your children create a conducive environment for learning simple mathematical operations of multiplying and dividing fractions word problems worksheets. I hope the entire activity will be fun for your kids.

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