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Calendar Math 5th Grade | Multiplying Mixed Number Calendar Pieces | Free Printable

Calendar Math 5th Grade

As any parent or teacher knows, calendar math is a great way to help kids learn essential math skills. And when it comes to calendar math for 5th grade, you can use calendar pieces to teach multiplying mixed numbers.

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By giving them a visual representation of the concepts, calendar math can help students understand what they’re doing and why it’s important.

Calendar math can also be a lot of fun!

Calendar math for 5th grade calendar pieces.

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Calendar Math Activities

It’s calendar time in a kindergarten classroom, and many teachers think the only place for a calendar is in a lower elementary classroom.

Surprisingly, calendar time can have a place in an upper-grade classroom too.

The majority of my time teaching in a classroom was spent with 4th and 5th-grade students, and every year I had calendar time.

It only lasted 10 to 15 minutes, but it was such an important time of our day.

I want to challenge you to give the calendar a try. Commit to doing it every day for a month and you may find that you love this time as much as I did.

Math Calendar Activities 5th Grade

You really don’t need much to get started. All you need is a…..

  1. First, you need a calendar pocket chart
  2. Next, grab some pieces for the pocket chart….there is a multiplying mixed number calendar pieces at the end of this post. You can also check out other freebies on my Pinterest board.
  3. Finally, you should have two other activities. I recommend having a review sheet like this fraction one and a preview activity.

5th Grade Calendar Math Ideas

Teaching in Room 6 actually, has her’s glued onto a poster board. How easy to do, and you can always take it down and put it behind a bookshelf until you need it the next morning.

She also has FREE printables to give you some ideas on what to put on your calendar board.

I also love One Stop Teacher’s calendar. It is an actual bulletin board, so if you have room and creativity you could easily model your calendar after this.

Real-life example of calendar math.
From One Stop Teacher

Teaching Calendar Math Activities

I have done calendar time in numerous ways, always depending on my students. If I had a higher, self-motivated class, I would do it in the morning.

They would come in each morning and complete their work in their math journals or a daily sheet (this is a free sheet on TpT to get you started) and put them in a sheet protector.

We would then go over it at some point during our day.

If I had a lower class, we would do it together during math time.

I’ve also done it as center work. If I had the fortune of having an extra hand in my room at any time, I would put them at the calendar center.

It was easy for the other teacher to do, and an awesome review. It really helped my struggling students get the review they needed in a small setting.

Multiplying Mixed Number Calendar Pieces

Calendar math piece for multiplying mixed numbers.

With all of that said, here are your free calendar pieces to get you started. Every day for a month, you will be working on mixed numbers.

  1. Day one they get an array and have to decide what the equation will be.
  2. Day two they solve the equation.
  3. Day three they find out if their answer is correct.
  4. Day four start all over again.

Children need to practice multiplying mixed numbers over and over, and the calendar pieces allow them to do it throughout the month…..instead of a ton in one day!

Free Printable Calendar Math Worksheets


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