Here’s a Free Counting Money Game to Practice Counting Coins

This fun fall counting money game is an easy way to get 1st and 2nd graders counting coins and adding up money. It is also low prep!

counting money game

We struggled with it last year but had made some great improvements.

But it is a new school year, and we had a wonderful summer break. Over that time, the names of coins and their values have completely slipped my little boy’s mind.

It can be quite frustrating when so a concept you have worked so hard on has somehow slipped away. So to avoid being frustrated, I created a game and a few other activities to help my kiddo remember all that we have learned.

Fall Counting Money Game

We love games at our house, and it is the easiest and most fun way to get my boys to practice a skill over and over. And this game got my kiddos doing exactly what I wanted them to do…..counting money.

It is an easy game to play, and the fall apple theme was perfect for the cooler weather we have had recently.

For my first grader, we focused on naming the coin, remembering the value, and then collecting the correct change. I was even able to challenge my second grader. After he gathered up his money, he practiced adding that amount to what he previously had.

Prep – Work

  1. First, print off game board and apples on card stock paper
  2. Next, cut out the apples
  3. Finally, gather up coins, game pieces, and a die.

How to Play Fall Counting Money Game

Once the prep-work is done, now comes the fun.

The players place their game pieces on start, and player one rolls the die. Player one then moves that many spaces. If they land on a blank space, the player picks one apple from the pile and then gets that amount of change out of the coin box. Landing on an apple allows them to pick two apples, but if they land on an empty basket they lose all their money.

The players take turns rolling the die, picking apples, and counting money until both players reach the end spot.

Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins.

Other Counting Money Activities

Even though this game was a great way to review money, I wanted my little guy to have a little more practice.

Here's a Free Counting Money Game to Practice Counting Coins

The first activity I created was a money match. I HATE cutting things out, so I decided to use the apples from the game. I simply put out the coin cards, and my first grader found the apple that matched it.

Here's a Free Counting Money Game to Practice Counting Coins

I also created four worksheets for him to work through. He loves to color….so I made sure that he had that opportunity as he was counting money. One coloring page has him counting money and then coloring in the picture that equals that amount, while another page had him coloring in coins to equal a certain amount of money. I also included a cut and paste, and a draw a line to the match activity.

Grab these extra printables here

After all this, we are in a much better place. I know that I will have to pull out this counting money game often to keep these skills fresh.

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