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Free Triple and Double Digit Addition Puzzles | Apple Theme

Double Digit Addition

Grab these free triple and double digit addition puzzles with an apple theme to make practicing addition fun. There are also subtraction puzzles available.

Double Digit Addition puzzles of an apple.

Triple Digit Addition

Is it time for your kiddos to do a little addition practice? You could hand them a worksheet and have them solve numerous problems or you could have them play games or work puzzles.

This activity is perfect for fall and getting in some additional addition practice.

Prep Work For Adding Double and Triple Number Puzzles

  1. First, print off the puzzles on card stock paper and laminate 
  2. Next, cut out the puzzles
  3. Finally, grab your second to fourth-grade student and you are ready to go!!
Double Digit Addition puzzles of an apple.

Suggestion for using Double Digit Addition Puzzles

As a homeschool mom, I have found it pretty easy to do puzzles. I simply put them out, my kiddo puts them together and I come back and check them. If there is any wrong, I simply have my little guy work out the problem on a whiteboard and fix them.

But I was a public school teacher for many years, so I know that these fun activities are often a challenge. If you love the idea of puzzles here are a few options you may want to try.

Whole Class

  1. First, put four double-digit addition puzzles in a Ziploc bag….or you could use the triple addition or the subtraction problems.
  2. Next, place one Ziploc bag in each of your groups. Allow them to race to be the first to get the puzzles together.

Or hand 1/2 of an apple to one child and the other to another child. The children get to move around the room looking for their partner.

Math Groups

I have always done most of my math teaching in small groups. I love having a small group working with me while others are playing games, doing independent work, or STEM projects.

My favorite part was that I could quickly catch a misunderstanding and correct it before a child practiced it over and over incorrectly.

Grabbing these puzzles is a fun way to have children practice their addition or subtraction skills in front of you. They are having fun, and you get to see who is getting it and who needs more review.

Math Centers

If the majority of your children have mastered three and two-digit addition, these are great to add to a center. Add a record sheet and require them to complete 10 puzzles. Now you have a grade too!

I hope these puzzles add some fun to your math time!

Triple and Double Digit Addition Puzzles

Below are the free Apple Addition Puzzles. You can download this printable by clicking on the download button and then printing it from your device.

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