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Addition within 10

Your kids will love sorting the apples into different baskets to practice addition within 10. Have them find expressions that equal 10, Or find expressions that equal 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Addition within 10 worksheet with a hand placing an apple in a basket.


This activity could require a little prep, or you could have your little ones do it and get in some fine motor work. 

Fine Motor Work

If you want this activity to only be done once, then let your kiddos do the cutting. 

  1. First, print off the pages that you want them to do. For example, if you want them to do the baskets that have them looking for an expression that equals 10 and do not equal 10, you would print off page 4 and 6. 
  2. Now cut page six in half and give those apples to your child. 
  3. Provide them with glue and scissors and the activity is ready to go. 
Addition within 10 worksheet with a hand placing an apple in a basket.

Math Center to be Used Multiple Times

  1. First, print off the pages and apples that you plan on using on card stock paper. 
  2. Next, cut out the apples and place magnetic strips on the back.
  3. Finally, place the papers with the baskets on a magnetic whiteboard or a cookie sheet! 

Adding Within 10 Activity 

I have kindergarten twins that are in two very different places academically. And though both of them did this addition within 10 worksheet with pictures of apples activity, they were not done in a similar fashion. 

Memorizing Addition Facts:

Addition within 10 worksheet with a hand placing an apple in a basket.

My little boy is working on memorizing addition facts. He understands what addition is, and we are now in the process of memorizing them so he does not have to use his fingers, manipulatives, or his toes to solve.

I gave him a set of apples, and he sorted them into the baskets as quickly as he could. I timed him, and the next time he tried to beat his time. 

The look of satisfaction on his face as he got quicker was a lot of fun to observe.

Understanding Addition: 

My little girl, on the other hand, is still in the process of understanding what addition is. So I gathered up some apple erasers, and we worked out each problem together. 

4 + 5

I began by pointing to the number 4, and asking her, “What is this number?”


“Please give me four apples.” 

Her sweet little hands slowly counted out four apples. And once that was done I pointed to the plus sign. 

“We say plus when we see this sign. And it means that we are going to get more apples. Let’s look at how many more apples you need to give me.”

I pointed to the next number. 

“Five!!!” she shouted and quickly began counting out five apples. 

“Now, we can figure out what 4 + 5 equals.” 

We counted out the apples and she triumphantly yelled “Nine!”

“Yes” I affirmed. “4 plus five equals 9. Can you put 4 + 5 in the nine bucket?”

Addition within 10 Worksheets

However you plan on using these adding within ten activities, I hope your children enjoy this way of practicing their addition facts. 


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